Carousel Kings

When Carousel Kings were thinking of a title for album number three, they wanted to find a name that was tranquil, yet matches their glossy pop melodies and arena-sized hooks. Charm City is about that dream place, a trippy world shared by all, yet unique to the individual. “This is the place where I go in my dreams,” says Alexander. “I want to connect the listener to my Charm City, and realize that they too can envision and live in their own Charm City whenever they want to.”

When Thieves Are About

It doesn’t matter if you’re intimately familiar with When Thieves Are About or if you’ve never heard of the quartet straight out of suburban Lyndhurst, New Jersey before now: this band of friend’s have always made sure that the audience can sense the arrival of something big at any of their shows throughout their music and personality. Charged by positive morals, life experiences, and massive stage energy, When Thieves are about will always take care of their fans and will make sure that every single person in that room will always leave with a smile on their face, never forgetting the name When Thieves Are About.

With a style that dabbles with fast pop punk/melodic hardcore and the organization of their notorious catchy riffs with screaming metal breakdowns which still manages to keep a balance of soft music and poetic lyrics, it is hard find a song by these boys that the mass wouldn’t like. Some influences include NOFX, Boys Night Out, Lifetime, Comeback Kid, A Wilhelm Scream, Saves the Day, Set Your Goals, Daggermouth, Title Fight, Leftover Crack, Blink 182, Greenday, New Found Glory, Minor Threat, Glass Jaw, Thursday, Weezer and The Beatles.

Between 2007 and 2010, When Thieves Are About has recorded an amateur demo in 2007, an independent EP in 2009, bought a mini tour bus with the help of their ex label Stitched Up Records, changed their name from “Bio-feedback” to “When Thieves are About” and released their First EP “Challenger” in 2010. The band has taken off with very much success ever since then. Started playing shows with very well-known National Touring acts, spreading out their fan base by touring, releasing their 2nd EP “Senescence” in 2014, getting signed to Manic Kat Records in 2015 and recording a New Full Length that’s set to Release in 2017.

The band was also featured at -Bamboozle May 4th 2008 -Warped Tour 09 for four dates (July 16th - Scranton, PA, 17th - Camden, NJ, 18th - Uniondale, NY, 19th - Oceanport, NJ ) -Warped Tour 2010 for two dates (July 17th- Uniondale, NY, and 18th Oceanport, NJ.)

With networking and little help from a few national act friends we have shared the stage with, When Thieves Are About have brought more and more people to expand the fan base and the their music scene nationwide and have managed to create a distinct sound that separates them from many clichés of today’s music.

Double Header

We are Double Header, a Pop Punk band centered in Central and Northern New Jersey

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$12 in advance, or $15 cash at the door. 

$5 Food & Beverage Minimum collected in cash at door for ages under 21; Voucher redeemable in restaurant. 

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