Barren Productions Winter Rock Show

The Foxfires

he Foxfires formed in August of 2013 as a side project for guitarist Christian Cordero of the Nightingale Effect and former solo artist, Christian Diana. After a few brief trials, Jason Delima and Adam Kahn, former bassist for The Nightingale Effect were chosen. The band originally titled, Christian Diana and the Foxfires' name came from the folklore term for bio-luminescence such as glowing mushrooms and fireflies.



“Rap- Punk; can’t be mixed.” Or can they? FRND CRCL came to be in May of 2015 when Zac met drummer Aaron in community college. Aaron began writing tasteful beats and fills and soon enough they recorded a quick demo. Upon hearing the demo, Adam was recruited shortly afterwards and FRND CRCL was born. The trio began to collaborate on Zac’s original songs and brought different writing and perspective to the band. Adams intricate and fingerstyle basslines flowed well into the mix. Together, they began experimenting with a nearly Bahamian tropical punk rock sound with hints and dashes of Reggae and Hip-hop. Add this to caffeine fueled, quirky, catchy, and longing guitar riffs and you may have just found yourself a new favorite band.

When Autumn Comes

Atom Driver

Frenular Delta

Figure Eight

Hunter Alive

There is something inside which connects all of us, a collective spirit that drives our inner-selves. The will to survive, the desire to love, the power to live. Our music is an outlet for these beliefs, we are Hunter Alive.

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$12 in advance, or $16 cash at the door. 

$5 Food & Beverage Minimum collected in cash at door for ages under 21; Voucher redeemable in restaurant. 

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Stanhope House - Main Stage