Into The Forest, Perceptual Motion, Inc., Guest artist Peggy Lamb

Into The Forest

PROGRAM NOTES-INTO THE FOREST This quote says it all about the dance Time is a River: “Time is a sort of river of passing events, and strong is its current; no sooner is a thing brought to sight than it is swept by and another takes its place, and this too will be swept away.” — Marcus Aurelius

FRED SIMON, Composer, has composed for records, live performance, film, dance, and television, with instrumentation ranging from solo piano to symphonic orchestra. Fred has recorded and/or performed with Ralph Towner (Oregon), PaulMcCandless (Oregon), Larry Coryell, Lyle Mays, Iain Matthews (Fairport Convention), Jerry Goodman (Mahavishnu Orchestra), Steve Rodby and Paul Wertico (Pat Metheny Group), Bonnie Herman (Singers Unlimited), Kurt Elling,Fareed Haque, David Onderdonk, Ingrid Graudins, Ross Traut, The Stan Kenton Orchestra, and many others. I met Fred Simon when I was taking dance classes from Shirley Mordine in an old bank on Belmont Ave. Fred was our accompanist. There was no piano there but that didn't matter. He had a bag full of kitchen utensils and other instruments. The resulting music was fun and creative. And it got better and better. I am honored to choreograph and dance to his music.

GUEST CHOREOGRAPHER PEGGY LAMB: Peggy was a key member of the Dallas performance community for the better part of a decade, alternately playing founder, choreographer, director, dancer and collaborator in numerous projects. Studying with Anna Halperin woke up her desire to teach movement in non-traditional settings. Her work has been performed in cities across the country. Her background includes an MA in Dance from American University in Washington, D.C. and post-graduate work in Movement Studies. The Dallas Morning News praised her work as “pushing the boundaries of decorum and sense. She dances in Austin Texas with BodyShift. She has worked for 10 years with “Truth be Told”, teaching creative movement and writing to incarcerated women. Peggy currently owns a private massage and movement therapy business. Peggy is an author of three books, a creator of 3 DVD instructional sets, a teacher of massage therapists, a leader in her field. All of this comes from one feeling…..the desire to touch, to heal, and to be touched.

Perceptual Motion, Inc.

PERCEPTUAL MOTION, INC. makes meaningful connections between people and dance through intriguing choreography and skilled dancing. PMI dancers are aged 23 to 84. Its founder and artistic director is award-winning choreographer Lin Shook. PMI’s mission is to engage dancers of mixed ages to create inspiring and meaningful experiences that open awareness, challenge perceptions, expand ideas and create community. The company has performed in traditional theatres as well as in unusual places such as the rooftop at Lill Street Art Center, the Bocker Granary in downstate Illinois, at O’Hare airport and in the fountain in Wicker Park. It produces “Dancing in the Square” an annual dance festival in NorthCenter. PMI has dance/movement/Tai Chi and yoga programs for people of all ages. Its children's dance/yoga programs and dance residencies have been conducted at Pilgrim Lutheran School Lycee Francais, Lakeside Square Apartments and through Urban Gateways. PMI's programs for elders are at Weiss Hospital, Mather Edgewater & The Breakers. Gentle yoga classes and adult modern classes are taught in the studio on Damen. In 2006, The National Center for Creative Aging honored Perceptual Motion as one of six organizations nationwide to be named Selected Best Practices in Dance for Older People. Perceptual Motion, Inc.’s" Dance Concerts for Senior Citizens" began in 1985, served over 35,000 elders and continued until 2008 with support from CityArts, the Illinois Arts Council, the Rothschild Foundation, corporate, and private donations. Perceptual Motion, Inc.'s office and studio are at 4057 N. Damen Ave. Chicago, Il. 60618

Guest artist Peggy Lamb

GUEST CHOREOGRAPHER PEGGY LAMB: Peggy holds a master’s degree in Dance from American University in Washington, D.C. She has worked for 10 years with “Truth be Told”, teaching creative movement and writing to incarcerated women. Peggy has practiced massage since 1986 and is nationally certified. She currently owns a private massage and movement therapy business. Peggy is an author of three books, a creator of 3 DVD instructional sets, a teacher of massage therapists, a leader in her field. All of this comes from one feeling…..the desire to touch, to heal, and to be touched.

Lin Shook

LIN SHOOK, Founder and Artistic Director, is recipient of the Independent Choreographer’s Award from the Metropolitan Dance Association in Washington DC, where she received her MA in dance. Lin’s work has been influenced by her studies with Hanya Holm, Eric Hawkins, Alwin Nikolais and Liz Lerman and in Chicago with Shirley Mordine, Nana Shineflug and Jan Erkert. She has also been influenced by Tai Chi Chuan, which she has taught for over 40 years. Lin served on the Board of Directors of the Chicago Dance Coalition from 1984-90 and founded the Chicago Dance Coalition Newsletter. Lin has been on the dance panels for the Illinois Arts Council, CityArts and CAAP. She is a dance specialist in Chicagoland schools through Urban Gateways, Art Start and the Old Town School of Folk Music. She has written extensively for the Illinois Arts Alliance for Education, the Chicago Board of Education and the State of Illinois.

Natalja Aicardi

NATALJA AICARDI is a multi-disciplinary performer from Italy. Natalja studied dance at Chicago Columbia College and Northwestern University with Jan Erkert, Emily Stein, Molly Shannahan, Kristina Fluty and Billy Ziegfield. She danced with The New Yiddish Dance Ensemble; Theatre Un SpeakAble and CocoDanceGroup. She received a 2014 DCASE “In the Works” Residency. She is a graduate of the School for Theatre Creators. Her movement-based cabaret show, “The Selfie”, was performed in 2017 in festivals in Italy, Paris and Chicago’s Fringe Festival.

Helene Alter-Dyche

HELENE ALTER-DYCHE studied ballet with Mary Vandis, Belle Bender, Natalie Rast, Richard Ellis and Christine DuBoulay. She taught children’s ballet at the Ellis DuBoulay School of Dance and studied with Delta Bannister at Northwestern University. Helene is an accomplished vocalist, having sung leading roles with the Israel National Opera in Tel Aviv and in Europe. She was nominated as "Best Supporting Actress" for her 2010 performance in the feature film Slices of Life, acting and singing the featured song. This is Helene’s 14th year with PMI.

Mary Iris Loncto

MARY IRIS LONCTO graduated from Northwestern University, where she studied dance with Susan Lee, Jeff Hancock, Laura Wade, Amanda Lower, Annie Arnoult, and Joel Valentín-Martinez. She performed in Theatre-Hikes' 10 Ways To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse and Collaboraction's Peacebook festival. In 2014, she joined Jeff Hancock and the cast of Hancock's Impolite Society at the Kennedy Center to perform in the National College Dance Festival. She trained at the American Dance Festival, the Boston Conservatory, and the Joffrey Ballet School in New York. She teaches children’s dance for PMI at Lakeside Square Apartments. Her most recent endeavor outside of Perceptual Motion, Inc. was playing Isadora Duncan in Anything and Always by Coffee & Whiskey Productions.

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Into the Forest delves into the magic, strength and fragility of our natural world. Travel into the forest with dancers aged 6 to 84 performing dances that explore our past and present relationships to nature and to each other. What would our world sound like without the sounds of insects, birds, the flow of rivers and streams, wind in trees? How would it look? How would that affect our health and our spirits? What role does time play? The forest dances with shape, sound, texture, line and motion.

Performed by Natalja Aicardi, Helene Alter-Dyche, Mary Iris Loncto, Lin Shook, Harvard Vallance. Lighting Design by Sarah Lackner; Graphic Design by Ellen Ferar, Pisa Design. Special Thanks: Peggy Lamb, Judy Panse, Ed Schalek, April Van Dam.

Perceptual Motion, Inc. is partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council Agency, the Ruth Page Center and many generous individuals.


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