Dr. Martens Presents: Elbows


Max Schieble, better known as Elbows, is a songwriter, vocalist, producer, and multi-instrumentalist creating a time-warping fusion of jazz, hip hop, electronic, and psychedelic pop. New York’s The Deli Magazine described him as “[flexing] through genres, bending tastes and traditions and creating something that sounds totally fresh." Born in the San Francisco Bay Area, Elbows is currently based in Brooklyn, NY.

On January 26th, Elbows returns with Sycamore EP. Building on the sonic stylings of his 2017 debut, the Corduroy EP, Sycamore sees Elbows home in on a more singular mood, combining damp synth pads and 808s with woodsy percussion and acoustic instrumentation. Songs segue from outros to interludes to new songs like wandering thoughts on a walk home. Beginning with a long rewind, Sycamore takes listeners on a journey through Elbows' past, with vivid verses recounting his youth in The Bay, soured relationships, and growing up sibling-less. The EP serves as the next installment of material culled from coast-spanning recording sessions in San Francisco and New York, during which Elbows amassed a body of work chronicling his foggy Bay Area upbringing.


Zenizen is Phillip Salisbury and Opal Hoyt. The two met in Vermont in 2nd grade and after going their separate ways in college, reconvened in NYC to combine their love of electronic jazz and soul sounds. Heavily influenced by contemporary nu-jazz, future and EDM artists like J Dilla, Flying Lotus, Eric Lau, FKJ and others, they have created their own combination of non-traditional beats and soulful vocals as a vehicle to bring audiences into the depths of their lived experiences. Weighted lyrics and varied instrumentals play into the balance of pop and experimental soul--a modern psychedelia.

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