Imagery Machine

Home grown in San Diego, Imagery Machine is no stranger to the city’s eclectic music scene. Its members include four of the city’s most talented young veterans, who only recently came together to create an ethereal, yet driven style of music. While the group would describe themselves as female-fronted San Diego rock music, Imagery Machine also embodies the spiritual reincarnation of classic rock and jam bands from yesteryear, adding to it their unique, modern perspective. Comprised of lead guitarist James Howard, drummer Tyler Shimkus and vocalist/keys player Daechelle Hernandez, this innovative group is heralded by the haunting, soulful lead vocals of Jennie Lynn. The color of their vibrations shines in their performances, and the group commands a stirring stage presence that has already packed some of San Diego’s most popular venues. Just like their live shows, Imagery Machine’s studio recordings bring forth a powerful, touching emotionalism paired with intimate lyrics and a galvanic beat that is all too rare in the modern age.

Space Control

San Diego's Space Control is a spacey hypnotic downtempo jam band featuring members of MUN, Spooky Cigarette, Fistfights With Wolves, Abandon The Raft.


OrchidxMantis was hatched on the corner of 30th & Thorn Streets, at the intersection of where operatic vocal stylings and jungle drum n’ bass borrow from 3rd stream and avant pop.


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