The Darkness

The Darkness

The Darkness is proud to return once again to America. We are here to confirm our

reputation as the mightiest live band treading the boards in this saccharine age of music

made by computers, millionaires and halfwits. Sometimes by all three!

America – we give you the BACK TO THE USSA tour 2016, visiting as many glorious US

rock citadels as possible before we return to our secret mountain-top castle to begin

creating the next astonishing Darkness record.

The Darkness consists of my brother Dan, Frankie Poullain, Rufus Taylor and I. This is

golden-era The Darkness. If music and good times are in your soul, come see us perform

live. If you aren't overly bothered about music and/or good times, jog on - there is nothing

for you here.

A Darkness show is a place where believers come together, where fluids are shared, and

dreams are built. But most importantly, rock and roll is crowned king EVERY NIGHT!

I should know. I'm the singer.

Justin Hawkins, February 2016

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Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas