Con Etiquette (Record Release)

Wess Meets West

Wess Meets West began in 2005 as a studio project. From these inconspicuous beginnings came an amoebic evolution of various sounds, contributors, and influences that eventually resulted in their 2011 full length, "Chevaliers". With Chevaliers, Wess Meets West (Sam Stauff, Erick Alfisi, Nick Robinson, and Andrew Porta) move beyond any number of noisy "post rock" contemporaries in an attempt to harness a deeper narrative, one imbued with both history and odyssey. Whether on record or live, Wess Meets West consistently reaches the memorable while driving toward the intangible. Layers of ambient guitars, mirrored harmonies, swelling lows, and textured percussion mix with found sounds and electronics to create a density of sound that is otherworldly.

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