Gramatik continues to prove himself as a relentless musical force, consistently putting out new
releases and making people lose their marbles at his sold-out shows all over the world.
Following his seminal 2016 album Epigram and subsequent remix EP’s he kept the streak
going all year, while also gracing the stage at some of the biggest summer festivals like EDC
Las Vegas, Metropop, Camp Bisco, Lollapalooza, Moonrise, Red Rocks and more.
In January of 2017 there was a long-awaited reunion with another funk mastermind, GRiZ, on
“As We Proceed”. The new GRiZMATiK track received excellent reviews from outlets like
Dancing Astronaut, Run The Trap, and plenty more, while also exceeding 1.2M plays
on SoundCloud and reaching 2M on Spotify. Gramatik followed it up with a remix of Flume’s
track “Wall Fuck” (1.22M plays on SC) which he produced with young Canadian artist,
Ramzoid. The track was premiered on notorious Colorado-based blog Thissongissick, reached
#1 on SoundCloud’s electronic chart and also performed well on Hype Machine. Then it was
time to focus on the three singles leading up to his latest EP, “Re:Coil Part I”; on “Recovery”
Gramatik teamed up with old buddy Eric Krasno and the bright, melodic jam caught the
attention of Billboard who snagged it for an exclusive premiere. The next single, “Voyager
Twins” was a collaboration with mysterious, Armada-affiliated act, fittingly called Galactic Marvl
and on the last single from new EP he joined forces with new Lowtemp signee, Balkan Bump.
The single’s title “Aymo” translates to “let’s go” in the majority of ex-Yugoslavian countries,
including Slovenia, where Gramatik is from originally.
Appropriately, the single dropped just before Gramatik headed out on a huge fall tour across the
EU, visiting 26 cities along the way. During the tour, on October 20th, he treated his fans to the
release of “Re:Coil Pt. I’' EP and just like the year before when he was dropping “Epigram”, the
release party for the heavily anticipated new release took place at the legendary Paris venue,
Another important milestone was awaiting on November 9th during his show in Zurich. As one of
the pioneering artists embracing crypto-culture and the new blockchain-based technologies that
work towards decentralization, he launched his own token, GRMTK, in collaboration with
SingularDTV. This revolutionary new approach promises a convergence of network and data
that will allow creators to bypass gatekeepers and intermediaries and seize control of their
intellectual property. The full goal was reached within 24 hours and all together 2,3 million
dollars in ETH were raised with hardly breaking a sweat, signaling that people are open to the
new distribution models. Gramatik will be testing them in early 2018 when his follow-up “Re:Coil
Part II” EP will be completed and ready to drop. The revolution will be tokenized!


When not surfing the Australian waves, the musician Møme (aka Jérémy Souillart) likes nothing better than composing. He has converted his van into a studio-on-wheels and, driving from coast to coast, he composes as he goes. Jérémy was raised in Nice and his 'chillwave' sound is proving a great hit back in his native France. Influenced by the artists of the Australian Future Classic label such as Flume or Chet Faker, his EP Aloha states his attachment to Pop Electronic music as testifies its aerial and beat soul covered by the voice of the Australian singer Merryn Jeann.

Before releasing his first EP (Eclipse, 2014), the 26-year-old musician used to play the guitar in a rock band. He still plays, though he has gravitated towards the computer- and synthesizer-produced software that inspired the expanding Møme project. The new sound lay behind the track 'Cyclope' on his second EP (Cosmopolitan, 2015) which along with the clip got him noticed by the musical press.

After producing his EP Aloha, Møme drove to Australia in his van last November and met other producers, male and female singers who feature on his recordings. Far from his comfort zone in the huge country where Future Classic was born Møme found a solid background to compose.

It's not all life on the road. In order to finalize his titles and his next album, Møme stopped driving. Back in France since May he has been working in studio on his very first album "Panorama" due to be released on 25thNovember.

Jérémy's musical experience ranges across jazz, to the French Touch and guitarists like John Butler. This breadth undoubtedly owes much to his love for the guitar and his formal piano training at Nice's Academy of Music. From a composer with such a background, the neat yet startling sound of the Møme Project is hardly surprising. Starting out from the Soundcloud Community and now supported by the DDM Recordings label, Jérémy has naturally opened up to innumerable sounds gathered in one unique project: Møme.

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