Milk for the Angry w/ Mountain Dweller, Smellcrow & Harpies Gold

Milk for the Angry w/ Mountain Dweller, Smellcrow & Harpies Gold

Milk For The Angry:
Milk For The Angry is a heavy psych rock band from San Francisco, CA. Formed in 2016 when Dana Lindstrom and Matt Kerslake met by chance in a vintage drum shop in the Bay Area. The two spent most of their time recording in their studio until meeting Cole Bailey, who joined as the drummer. In early 2018 their first full length titled “Make Like An Animal” will be released through City Son Recordings and touring will follow.

Mountain Dweller:
Mountain Dweller is a metal band from San Anselmo, California, started by two brothers in 2015. Shrouded in the mighty forests of northern California they are heavily influenced by Scandinavian and European black and death metal. Their music is dark, atmospheric, and takes you on an epic journey through mystical forests and snowy mountain passes, far away in a land forgotten… Mount your steeds and ride with us to the kingdoms of olde.

Space Sludge

Harpiesgold recorded their debut album in the spring of 2016 and are currently in the process of recording new songs to be released in 2018. Often found in nature they draw influences from their environment, as well as a fascination of the human psyche. Nothing ever feels accomplished as they strive to compete with their monumental rock heroes; however that propels the focus to keep deepening their relationship with music in high hopes to become the vessel for influencing others to fall in love with music as they have.

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