Modern Time Machines, Sun Colony, Saint Cecilia, Old Toy Trains, Brian Cleary (DJ)

Modern Time Machines

The haunting, bittersweet melodies of LA-based shoegaze outfit Modern Time Machines have been described as a “noisy, romantic hurricane for those who like their rock with intricate layers” (Buzz Bands LA). Boy/girl vocal harmonies feature heavily in the band’s feedback-laced love songs, which have drawn comparisons to acts like M83, Medicine and Sonic Youth.

Following the local momentum of their earliest shows, the band’s first single “Dweeb” began receiving strong radio support from LA’s KROQ 106.7FM. Continually refining their sound with “nuanced playing and killer hooks” (Los Angeles Times), the band was invited to perform live nationally in 2012 on Adult Swim’s cult TV hit The Eric Andre Show, and their music will be featured in the upcoming film So Help You God by noted filmmaker Ashley York (Netflix’s TIG).

Modern Time Machines’ long-awaited sophomore LP “MTM” dropped in spring 2018. Produced by Josiah Mazzaschi (Jesus & Mary Chain, Nothing, Deap Vally), the album features contributions from Dave Dupuis (Film School, Nightmare Air), Kenneth James Gibson (Bell Gardens), Kaitlin Wolfberg (that dog.), and a song remixed by KCRW favorites, disco duo De Lux.

Reverberating through the dormant hills of Topanga Canyon, California the Sun Colony sound ascends into a wash of illuminous noise. Nostalgic dreamscapes melt and create a finely unrefined blend of Los Angeles sparkle and London gloom.

Inspired by the shadows of Echo & The Bunnymen, Wire, and Primal Scream, guitars swirl and bend with captive leads and blanketing rhythms. Angular drums pulse beside driving bass, clearing a sonic pathway for the ethereal vocals, grasping clarity within their own beautiful chaos. It is not a welcoming that draws you in -- it is a demanding pull.

Recommended for escapists, surrealists, and the sonically possessed.

Sun Colony is:

Vocals / Tommy Graf
Guitar + Synth / Derek Mabra
Guitar / Lauren Andino
Bass / Michael Quinn
Drums / Ola Palsson

Saint Cecilia

SAINT CECILIA is Cecilia Enriquez - a Los Angeles native who first started making waves in her dreampop outfit C-HORSE, returns with a new band and evolved sound. Saint Cecilia’s pop arias are layered with intricate vocal harmonies, sustained by lively wurlitzer and rhodes, jangly guitar and a colorful interplay of drums and bass guitar. Her compositions are immediate and infectious, but deceptively so; bright and sunny moments give way to darker qualities, similar to the creator herself. A dreamy, breezy soul, Saint Cecilia is an intuitive songwriter and seer, and her music bears witness to the past, present and, somehow, the future.

With her new album, Entrance , to be released May 26 on LOLIPOP RECORDS - Saint Cecilia joins the upper echelon of songsmiths. Her music reflects the great pop sensibilities of the 60s, 70s and beyond, but there is no time for Saint Cecilia like the present.

Old Toy Trains, a school of like-minded travelers who have grown in numbers over the course of various incarnations that are at times minimal and cosmic through the telescope that should be on your front porch. They've been on various compilations and have just released their first ep on Detroit's Mind Expansion records. Home to such acts like Fuxa,Spectrum and Suicide's Martin Rev. Also digitally via Planting Seeds Records.
Old Toy Trains was bread and spread in Lux Angeles.

Brian Cleary

Brian Cleary of The Movies and Radar Bros.


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