Neil Hilborn

Neil Hilborn

Neil Hilborn is a bestselling author, and with over 100 million views to his credit, he is the most-watched poet ever. He is a graduate from Macalester College with a degree in creative writing. Originally from Houston, Texas, he now lives in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Captain is a project dedicated to making music that reaches out to every personality and every faith with the hope of ultimately furthering the kingdom of God. Our music/shows/encounters are centered around meeting new people, sharing good music and general community and fellowship. With an ambient, lyrically focused and simple style, we believe that our music is a ministry, and that our shows are a mission. We do not wish to simply be a "band" but to also fulfill God's command for us by loving and showing compassion to every person we meet and by sharing music that hopefully allows every person to connect to on an emotional level. This is not just about making good music, touring or being well-known. It's all about Jesus.

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