Tessa Violet + Secret Midnight Press With Special Guest Give Me Motion

Tessa Violet

Confused and disgruntled. Video blogger. Singer/songcrafter.

Secret Midnight Press

Secret Midnight Press is a publishing company and curiosity brand out of Columbus, Ohio founded by Ashley Dun & Jesse Cale.

Give Me Motion

Hi, my name is Dante. I made Give Me Motion as a way of combatting my own complacency. My latest album, Extra Ordinary, is about celebrating the heart-breaking exceptionalism of our seemingly mediocre existence. I’m happy you’re into this stuff and here to rejoice through the harsh sunlight with me.
This album is the most punk rock I’ll ever be while keeping with my generally joyous sound. This was achieved largely with the talents of Jeremy Hatcher and other Los Angeles musicians. The lyrics encompass the last seven years of my life: moving out west, cherishing friendships, working, worrying, and eternally rotating perspectives of “how lucky the sunlight will find the moon” and “I’d make the same mistakes for no one else.”

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