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Main Source

On the heels of their 25th anniversary tour, Main Source crew members Large Professor, Neek the Exotic and Joe Fatal are still breaking atoms and will hit the stage at Songbyrd Thursday, Jan. 4. The show will feature an artist showcase with some of DC’s most popular talent, and celebrate the crew’s classics and new projects.

The legendary hip hop group, hailing from Queens, NY, graced the stages of London, Amsterdam, Denmark, Austria and Japan this fall. Loyal fans overseas went head over heels showing that the Main Source’s music has longevity and a strong presence worldwide that’s unwavering.

The group hailing from Queens, NY consisted of hip hop legends, Large Professor, K-Cut, Sir Scratch and MCMikey D, who later joined the group in place of Large Pro’s absence.

Main Source’s hits like “Fakin’ the Funk” (for the “White Men Can’t Jump” soundtrack) featuring Neek The Exotic, “Looking at the Front Door,” “Just Hangin’ Out” and “Live at the BBQ” launched them into the global spotlight.

The song “Live at the BBQ” launched the careers of rapper Akinyele, best known for his hit “Put It in Your Mouth,” and hip-hop legend Nas.

Neek the Exotic and Large Professor’s collaborated on the 2011 “Still On The Hustle.” The album stands testament to the rich history, personal battles, and accomplishments that inspired this soon-to-be classic album.

Neek the Exotic dropped his latest project earlier this year, “The Neek the Exotic Experience,” featuring other kings from Queens like Mr. Cheeks, Craig G, and Bumpy Knuckles to name a few.

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