The Barn Door Slammers

The Barn Door Slammers

This 7-piece Western Swing band from Portland, Oregon lives to recreate the music of American dance halls of the 1940's and 50's. From blazing Hillbilly Bop instrumentals and swinging fiddle tunes, to Texas blues and cowboy jazz vocals, the Barn Door Slammers feature traditional instrumentation that was the backbone of Western Swing bands of the day. With the rhythm section of Pete Lampe's standup bass and Tommy Chiffon's vintage drum set, the twin fiddles of Jenn "Huck" Huckins and Kevin Healy, and twin guitars (steel and archtop) of Todd Clinesmith and Dan Lowinger, vocalist Brett Ervin grabs the reins of this ensemble for a sometimes wild ride through yesteryear.

“Superb Hillbilly Bop!”—Bernard Boyat, Rock and Roll Revue, France

“Carefully crafted aural mayhem”—David Innes, R2 Magazine, UK



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