Naïvetè is an indie-chillwave duo founded by former members of Garden Echo, Andrew Moberly and Sara Swanson. Their first single "So Close," mastered by Geoff Pesche (Gorillaz, New Order), was released in summer 2017 and promoted with a video.

Battery Point

O/X is the minimal synth project of Christopher Oxendine who makes electronic music inspired by cold wave and other forms of dark dance music. Employing an array of tactile, analogue equipment, Oxendine’s gradually morphing synth textures and hypnotic rhythms coalesce into arrangements both immediate & jarring - as angular as they are abstract. As these structures flow between form and chaos and back again, the listener is drawn into a blooming, collapsing zone of receptivity, of feeling, of catharsis. -Ryan Haynes

NEW LIFE, the debut ep from O/X will be coming out on DREAM Recordings early fall of 2018.



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