Legs Diamond w/ Killer Dwarfs, Axe, Heyoka

Legs Diamond

US AOR Rock outfit formed in 1975. Their debut album 'Legs Diamond' came out in 1977 and they may still be going today!

Original Lineup:
Jeff Poole (drums), Michael Gargano (bass), Michael Prince (keyboards, guitar), Rick Sanford (vocals) and Roger Romeo (guitar).

Killer Dwarfs

Killer Dwarfs were a Canadian heavy metal band who formed in late 1981 in Oshawa, Ontario, and who enjoyed moderate success in their native Canada in the 1980s.
They were known for their offbeat sense of humor (all band members adopted the surname "Dwarf").

Although the band disbanded in 1995, they reunited in 2001 for a tour and subsequent live cd.
They are currently on hiatus.


American hard rock band, originally from Florida formed in 1979. Disbanded.


French Anarchopunk band from Dijon.

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