Black Sabbitch

Black Sabbitch

Black Sabbitch, THE All Female Black Sabbath, return to El Cid for a special performance featuring their original line up of drummer Angie Scarpa, bassist Melanie Makaiwi, guitarist Blare N. Bitch and original vocalist Bloody Mary Powers. For their first performance together in more than 2 years, the mighty foursome will play an extra long set of classic Sabbath, for the hometown faithful.

The brainchild of Angie Scarpa (drums) and Blare N. Bitch (guitar). Black Sabbitch came from the world of original music, with each woman already considered to be among the best at what they do, Blare having lead the all girl powerhouse Betty Blowtorch and Angie drumming for post punk thrashers The Art of Safecracking. Melanie Makaiwi was their first choice for a bass player, having played bass with Angie in The Art of Safecracking and having lead her own band Penny Dreadfuls. The vocal spot required a true star so the Sabbitch girls turned to "Bloody" Mary Powers, who sings Ozzy's parts with a howling authenticity that gives the girls the ability to go deep into the Sabbath catalogue and play songs like "Hole in the Sky" and "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" that you'll never hear the boys do. This ain't no wig wearing bunch of weekend warriors.

Black Sabbitch have since been selling out shows and wowing even the most difficult to please Sabbath fanatics. They were also hand picked by Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne to open for Ozzy himself at the inaugural Ozzfiesta in 2015.

LA Weekly recently said of Black Sabbitch, "Finally Black Sabbitch took the stage and pretty much melted everyones' faces. The all-female Black Sabbath... were not only talented - nailing every note of the legendary group's familiar repertoire - but were captivating to an almost distracting level. They emanated the effortless cool of rock and roll, but with about 10 extra ounces of sexy confidence."

"They are a hard-rock band playing old-school Sabbath and they bring a new shine to old doom. Indeed, they rock the living hell out of Sabbath's catalog." - San Diego Reader

"Newcomers Nebula Drag join the ranks of a crowded heavy psych scene in their native San Diego via their self-titled, self-released debut, but the trio distinguish themselves immediately with a solidified underpinning of punkish intent, so that the airy vocals of “Sano” float over an insistent, noisy crunch. That blend is toyed with in one direction or another throughout the release, the five-minute “So Low” finding some middle-ground in grunge push, but as the subsequent “Up and Down”’s Melvins-style roll and the hardcore-style drive of “Lost Time” play out, Nebula Drag seem far less tied to any single approach. It’s a dynamic that serves them well throughout the album’s 10-track/37-minute run, and they maintain a sense of rawness in the almost thrashy breakdown of “I Can Not Explain” that speaks to a lack of pretense to go along with their potential for development. Will be curious to hear if one side or the other wins out in their sound over the long-term, but in a town where so many bands are geared on being the most laid back, it’s refreshing to hear a group with a more forceful tack. " JJ Koczan - The Obelisk

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