Giants In The Trees

Giants In The Trees

Giants in the Trees are a Rock Band hailing from Wahkiakum County, Washington. The quartet is inspired by the environment and culture of the Lower Columbia River. Musicians Jillian Raye, Erik Friend, Krist Novoselic and Ray Prestegard have created a sound that could best be described as Pop / Rock. The band is not offended by terms like schmaltz. On the other hand, there are heavy groove numbers, screaming slide guitar and accordion. There is even an anthem—so raise your arms with the phone flashlights.

How did this blend of influences come to be? The band first met for a casual jam in the Skamokawa Grange Hall last spring. The players wasted no time at all composing their first two songs on that first day. They were hooked to the music and a band was born. Eventually, as more material was produced, the group started playing shows such as the Wahkiakum County Fair and a special benefit raising over $2,400 for needed repairs to the Grange Hall.

Temple Canyon

TEMPLE CANYON - it's nostalgic, it's rock, it's catchy, it's not always conventional. It has soul, it has darkness and light, it's wild. It's music that hits you hard, makes you move, makes you feel, and remember. You get the "Seattle sound" - a little Hendrix and McCready, Vedder and the Wilsons (70's and 80's), Love and Zapata. It's holdover grunge, a little 70's Laurel Canyon, a little "Dirty Dancing" soundtrack. " least on their newly-released EP Thank You for Not Caring – the nostalgia that infuses their music is of a more recent vintage than your usual Ballard stompin’, clappin’, longhaired, bearded fare ... it’s hard not to hear some of the best elements of ’80s alternative pop at play here." (Levi Fuller, Ball Of Wax Quarterly Vol. 49). Temple Canyon is four serious music lovers facing the post-apocalyptic modern world of the music industry with hope and desire.

Mariko Ruhle, front-woman and primary songwriter of Temple Canyon, met drummer & singer-songwriter Al Reiter around 2011 while they were both regularly playing their own music at the Hopvine Pub open mic. Ruhle formed her first band around 2013 in support of her debut album "The Wonder Years." This record was inspired by collaborations with other Hopvine regulars including Zach Warnes (guitarist in original lineup) and long-time friend, musician and producer Jack Wilson.

Shortly after the debut album release show, Ruhle was in need of a new drummer. Timothy Van Buren (drummer, and later multi-instrumentalist in original lineup) became less active with the band due to touring with Mary Lambert. Reiter, drummer for Supply & The Man at the time, joined up alongside John Carlson (bass) and Steve Miller (guitar). It was clear immediately that Reiter was a musical soul mate. Jason Shao, Reiter's bandmate in Supply & The Man, joined on bass guitar while preparing for the Karass EP release show in 2015. At this time the band officially became Temple Canyon, having previously performed under the name of singer-songwriter Mariko Ruhle.

During the next chapter, Temple Canyon moved away from their harmony-heavy slow-jam 70's sound and recorded a debut self-titled full length record (produced by Richard Hoag, recorded at MRX Studios "fast and loose" including mostly live instrumental & vocal takes, a real throwback style). This record wrapped up the previous years with former guitarist Steve Miller, Ruhle's longest lasting original band member dating back to her debut "bedroom record."

Prior to the release of the self-titled Temple Canyon record, Kris Gray (also a former member of Supply & The Man) collaborated with Ruhle on a new song through email exchanges, which would become the first of many to feature his unique lead guitar style. He joined Temple Canyon leading up to the release show for the self-titled record in late 2016. Gray's presence inspired an immediate "follow-up EP." "Thank You For Not Caring," released summer of 2017, is by far the most exciting music produced yet by Temple Canyon. "Lead single 'Call Into Arms' is an exuberant example of the gritty nostalgia the city of Seattle has to offer." (Mixtape Mandi, Runaway Music, "Single & Loving It" Vol. 9).

In addition to releasing two records over the last twelve months, Temple Canyon has performed at Upstream Music Festival & Summit, sharing the Starbucks stage with Seattle sweetheart, Shelby Earl; they had the pleasure of performing acoustic on 107.7 The End, while premiering their EP single; they were featured on Ballard Vox, Pacific Northwest Music Scene, Runaway Music, Ball Of Wax Quarterly, Locals Only, Hear & Now Music, and played with a diverse bunch of great local and touring acts - Brass Bed, Lonely Mountain Lovers, Mr. Elevator, Wooky, Antonioni, and Chris King & The Gutterballs, to name a few. At present, Temple Canyon is preparing for a show with local favorites Ephrata and Motopony, honing a steady a flow of new material, and hoping to tour the West Coast in the next year.

Star Meets Sea

Star Meets Sea plays post-punk with a pop sensibility. Evoking such bands as The Cure and Talking Heads, Star Meets Sea melds angular riffs with sweet melodies and a driving beat to create hook-laden soundscapes that go from minimalist to lush and back again. Lead singer Amanda Navares lends her dynamic vocals and William Hall (The Turn-Ons) his stunning guitarwork to this home-grown Seattle five piece. Star Meets Sea released their self-titled album in January and has been gaining traction.

Tracking the debut album over a weekend with live instrumentation allowed little room for overthinking, and the strict timeline paid off; the album captures the DNA of a band best known for enchanting live performances. The album amplifies the naturally raw textures of their sound, latching on to the melodic, moody intent of bands like The Cure and Wire. Traversing Seattle from backrooms and dive bars to main stages and festivals, Star Meets Sea will be touring in support of their new release in spring of 2018.

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