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DJ Amen Ra

Amen Ra is at home when controlling a crowd; in love with the opportunity to express himself through music and fill a room with positive energy. Having spent time on both coasts, he has observed the styles of East and West Coast DJ’s and created his own. His diverse musical background is translated through his DJing, especially in his ability to shift between genres without missing a beat. Experienced DJ’s adjust their selections to the crowd and venue, and are comfortable switching things up unexpectedly. Amen Ra’s acknowledgment of this explains why he’s become such a hot commodity on the DJ market, and why he can rock any party with ease.

$18.00 - $20.00


On Friday, December 15 the arts and cultural organization that lies beneath Washington, D.C. will become a subterranean zone of music, illuminated art, and craft cocktails, welcoming Washingtonians to dance, relax, and let loose after a long work week. Attendees have the opportunity to see Brian Dailey’s latest exhibition up close and personal while listening to DJ Amen Ra. His diverse musical background will be paired for a fun Friday evening with renowned local artist Brian Dailey, known globally for his immersive digital work. Firefly’s Lead Bartender Brendan Ambrose will also be on site making one of his signature cocktails, the Red Devil. Partygoers are invited to Firefly for a secret dinner special to fuel up prior to dancing. For $35, diners will receive an appetizer, an entrée, and a glass of house wine. Any guest that comes into the restaurant on Friday, December 15 with the password “UNDERGROUND” may receive the dinner deal.

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