Awesome Fest 11

Awesome Fest 11

The six-member team that curates the annual Awesome Fest in San Diego, California has made its first announcement of bands that will perform at the eleventh iteration of the three-day festival, 16-18 February, 2018. This marks a change from the traditional Labour Day weekend, the first weekend in September, and attendees from around the mostly snow-covered USA will be able to enjoy a weekend of mild weather with great music.

Awesome Fest is of intentionally limited scale and is aimed at showcasing the diversity, intensity and beauty of DIY punk music. The organizers’ goal is to provide a safe, intimate venue to watch awesome bands, discover new music and to hang out with friends from all over the US and the world.

Bands announced today include Adult Magic, Allweather, The Bigger Empty, Chagrin, The Chill Dogs, The Chinchees, City Mouse, Civil War Rust, Dead Bars, Dimber, The Dodges, Form Rank, Fuck You Idiot, The Drowns, The Globs, Great Apes, The Hammerbombs, Horror Squad, Iron Chic, Kid Coast, Kira Jari, The Lucky Eejits, The Mission Creeps, Marriage Material, Muscle Dungeon, Needles//Pins, Night Dangers, Nothington, Odd Robot, The Pretty Flowers, Rad, Sciatic Nerve, Se Vende, Secondaries, Shallow Cuts, The Shell Corporation, Signalman, The Trashies, Tiltwheel, Toy Zoo, Tracy Soto, Turkish Techno, Typesetter, and Western Settings.

Tickets and more information can be found at

Toys That Kill

Punk rock band from San Pedro, California, formed in 1999 after the group F.Y.P. disbanded.

The Mission Creeps

This Tucson trio, The Mission Creeps paints dark but catchy cinematic panoramas, like Ian Curtis lost in the desert instead of a crumbling Manchester.
The Mission Creeps are renowned for their chemistry and dynamic live stage performances. Each show differs and may include a light show; belly, go go, or fire dancers; video; dual drummers; percussion; theremin; accordion; and haunting samples.

$35 wk passes


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