The Nervous Wreckords

The Nervous Wreckord (Part I) is the new EP by multi-instrumentalist/songwriter and producer Brian Karscig (due out late Summer/Fall 2015).

Edgy guitar riffs, witty lyrics, and comparisons to T-Rex, the Kinks and Ziggy Stardust-era Bowie are something Karscig is used to hearing about his music, whether it’s his former band Louis XIV, or the Nervous Wreckords circa 2010. If you ask him though, he'll tell you, "I'm a music fan and have lots of different influences. I'm not trying to be anyone else, I just want to be our own favorite band.”

After 2011's Valuminium and 2013’s Let Them All Talk (both self-released), the Nervous Wreckords began touring with the Killers, Weezer and Brandon Flowers, also sharing the stage with Cee-Lo Green, Death Cab for Cutie and Cage the Elephant, as well as doing their own shows up and down the coast of California.

In 2014, Karscig revamped his vintage gear-based home studio, Studio Bee, and became immersed in a new sound and direction that felt more like a solo effort. "It was never a control thing,” says Karscig, “it was more about capturing spontaneity and recording while I was writing. The character in the production and the honesty of the sound is what kept me inspired and excited to make music I want people to hear.”

"I'm a recluse when it comes to creating, and can be very self-conscious with people hearing the music before it’s at a spot where I feel comfortable sharing it.” Nonetheless, Karscig would invite friends to come over and record on ideas they gravitated to. Mark Stoermer and Dave Keuning (Killers) added bass, guitar and sitar ideas on a couple tracks, while a chance run in with Jake Najor (TV on the Radio) at the world-famous Casbah in San Diego led to the two getting together for a song, which led to Najor playing drums on seven of the tracks.

"I wanted to concentrate on making an 'album' in a world where music has become about 'the single,’ he enthuses. “From start to finish I want to sonically explore peaks, valleys, and an overall musical trip that people can relate to, as well as motivate and excite people with. I want people to feel what I felt making the music when they listen to it. It all just started effortlessly coming together, and it feels so right".

There is no exact release date set, and Karscig is not rushing to meet a deadline. "You can't put a timeline on creativity” is his motto, but Karscig and THE NERVOUS WRECKORDS are excited to get out and start playing new material late 2016.


Born out of the now-defunct act Della!Della!, San Diego-based band Boychick is a four piece indie pop group with a groovy 1970's vibe. The group made its debut at the Kensington Club June 20, 2014, and has since been performing at venues such as the Casbah, House of Blues, Soda Bar, Seven Grand, and Space Bar. Boychick was also the featured music act on Tonight in San Diego: Episode 25 and performed at the 2016 Hillcrest CityFest. Influenced by artists such as The Beatles, David Bowie, The Pixies, The Strokes, and Alabama Shakes, Boychick’s style is a unique-yet-accessible blend of classic and contemporary pop and rock. The band was formed by siblings Carmen (drums) and Robert Martinez (lead guitar) in late April of 2014. Other members include Chris Gorrie (bass) and Dani Bell (vocals, guitar).

The Strawberry Moons

Needing a female singer to give voice to the sounds in his head, Will approached Aimee about collaborating. They soon realized their writing styles worked well together. After some time spent trying to solidify a line up, John, then Jason, then finally Dustin were brought in to make it an actual band. Elements of indie pop, psychedelic and '60s rock with an emphasis on melody and guy-girl vocals.


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