Uncle Ebenezer (a tribute to Phish), Strangers Stopping Strangers (a tribute to Grateful Dead)

Uncle Ebenezer (a tribute to Phish)

Uncle Ebenezer are four musicians and Phish fans who are dedicated to spreading the joy and excitement of the live Phish experience. Combining accuracy and musicianship with whimsical performance, Uncle Ebenezer seeks to light up clubs and venues the way Phish did when they played intimate settings. The rich history of Phish's career and the part it played in Uncle Ebenezer's lives inspires them to recreate the sound, look, and feel of those amazing performances.

Strangers Stopping Strangers (a tribute to Grateful Dead)

Strangers Stopping Strangers is a 5-piece Grateful Dead cover band capturing a mix of fan favorites with some true dead-head deep cuts. Coming together from Maryland and New Jersey, Strangers Stopping Strangers is here to make sure the music will never stop.



Tickets will be available at the door for $12 if space permits, however, advanced purchase is always recommended.

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