David Dyson

Born in Rapid City, South Dakota and brought to Washington, D.C. by his parents at the early age of two, David Dyson began his early music education in D.C. public schools where he originally played the baritone (euphonium) in school and in county orchestras earning superior ratings on his instrument.

After hearing recordings of Larry Graham and Louis Johnson, the desire to switch to the bass was overwhelming, and at 12, David's parents presented him with a beginner's bass guitar. Excelling rapidly, he eventually achieved the "outstanding bandmember" award during his high school senior year. After witnessing David's participation in school, church, local top 40, R&B, funk, and go-go bands (along with numerous studio sessions with local gospel artists), his parents were convinced that his talent was worth nurturing and were supportive to David's matriculation at Berklee College of Music, where more growth ensued.

Exposed to various idioms, David was able to absorb an array of musical flavors as well as perform in diverse musical situations. Upon graduation, David locked in the position of bassist with Polygram recording artist Walter Beasley. In 1989, he was called to audition for Maurice Starr (Producer of New Kids On the Block) and landed the gig. Eventually earning the position of musical director, David helped to take their live show to an unprecedented pinnacle. In 1992, he moved on to tour and/or record with a vast selection of artists spanning from the world renown jazz saxophonist, Chico Freeman, to the R&B fame of songwriter/singer/bassist and 1997 Downbeat Poll winner, Me'Shell N'degeocello, and Me'Shell N'degeocello.

In addition to performing as a solo artist with his band, He also records and performs with various artists in between tours. In early 1999, David recorded his debut CD entitled "Soulmates" which received worldwide critical acclaim.

In December 1999, Dyson formed an allegiance with the Marimelj Entertainment Group which led to the release of "Soulmates", nationally, through Warner Brothers(WEA). His second release, "The Dawning" also garnering critical acclaim was released on his own label "Lohandfunk". Throughout his career, David has earned quite a reputation as a bassist, songwriter, arranger, and producer. He continues to strive for excellence as one of today's most promising artists.

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