Don’t be fooled. TV Girl may appear to be a band formed by your effervescent yet unattainable girl-next-door who writes about her infinitely mysterious charms and ways, but it’s actually a project by three Cali dudes: Brad Petering, Jason Wyman, and Wyatt Harmon. Petering and co. project this type of femme fatale throughout their discography, while also pulling from an immense intellectual (and libidinal) curiosité for the “feminine,” ranging from a cognizance of female-centric French punk rock and new wave (via TheLeSigh) to 1920’s Hollywood blonde bombshells like Jean Harlow (in their Tragic Beauty Tuesdays). One may even go so far as to say that Petering is some sort of women’s history buff as well as just general female fan.

TV Girl first sashayed on to the music scene when the release of their track “If You Want It” (2011) – which sampled Todd Rundgren’s 1972 single “Hello It’s Me” – piqued concerns of copyright infringement. Conversely, it also garnered rave reviews from the likes of Pitchfork just a week after their Girls Like Me EP release. This first foray set the tone for TV Girl’s sound: a playful use of musical and spoken-word samples, and a mélange of hip-hop beats with pop classique. Or to put it in a more tangible way, TV Girl is that sort of effortless French je ne sais quoi, insouciant like that breezy feel through your Farrah Fawcett hair and billowy jumpsuit.

After releasing two EP’s, Girls Like Me in 2011 and Lonely Women in 2013, TV Girl built up to their debut album French Exit – “12 songs about lost lust, too much love and not enough” according to the boys – which some have said is an instant classic.

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