Denver producer, performer, and artist StéLouse—pronounced “stay loose”—proudly lives up to the term #genrekiller. Inspired by everything from Metallica, Tool, and Pantera to AFI and The Prodigy, the long-haired electronic music maverick actually began his career playing guitar in rock bands, slogging it out on the road and developing a keen musical sensibility. In 2011, his band Boys won a Guitar Center competition, granting a $30,000 reward and a slot opening for Jane’s Addiction on the Nothing’s Shocking 20th anniversary tour.

“The funny thing is, we had already broken up by the time we got the news,” he laughs. “We decided to get back together for the tour. Out of the money, I bought a really nice MacBook, some programs, stuck my face in that thing, and taught myself how to produce. On tour, I made some of my first electronic productions.”

Needless to say, the group disbanded following the jaunt. However, StéLouse continued to diligently create electronic music, locking himself in the studio for marathon sessions.

“I was super ambitious and determined to learn,” he explains. “I quit hanging around with all of my friends. My girlfriend left me because all I did was make music on the computer. A few people thought I died for a while because I disappeared off the planet!”



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