Scolex was first conceived by Erika (Vomblast, Lycus) and Justin (Population Reduction, World Eater, War Trash) in the fall of 2010. Songs were written and prepared, and we began practicing with a drummer in late October 2010. After much discussion, Justin switched from guitar to drums and we played our first show on 2/19/2011 with Sean from Impaled filling in on guitar. Yusef Wallace joined on guitar in Oct 2011 shortly after we completed our demo. Dylan Burton then joined in December on lead guitar. We let go of Yusef in August of 2013 and Dylan left in December of 2013 to move in a different musical direction. Eric Cutler took the guitar playing role for Scolex for live performances in 2014. And for our 2018 west coast tour we'll have Sonny Reinhardt (necrot) and Paul Riedl (Spectral Voice, Blood Incantation) taking over the 6 string duties. We're back to 2 guitars!!! Prepare to be punished!

Skeletal Remains

Around May 2011-Anthropophagy Formed by Chris Monroy - Guitar/Vocals, Mike De La O - Guitar/Vocals, & Chris Reyes - Drums. They started under the name Anthropophogy and would later change it to Skeletal Remains. Anthropophogy went into the studio to record a 3 song demo "Desolate Isolation" In June which included a PESTILENCE cover "Chronic Infection". During the recording of "Desolate Isolation" former guitarist Mike De La O, decided to part ways with the band due to personal reasons. So the recordings were finished by Chris M. and Christian R. Shortly after the demo release, Adrius Marquez Came in on Bass and Adrian Obregon On Lead Guitar and they decided to change their name to Skeletal Remains. Their Debut Album was released November 9th 2012 via FDA REKOTZ a small European Tour between July-August 2013 was done along with festivals such as Party San Open Air(Ger) and Brutal Assault(CZ). Skeletal Remains is currently in the studio recording their 2nd full length.

Rising from the ashes, Morfin is a metal band, delineating the negativity present in the world, in life, and the future that is caused by the evil, veracity, domination and deception that drives the human race. Delivering the message with their music to prepare for what lies ahead.....

Impure Consecration

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