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Enduality has gone from being a programmed, one man, mad music experiment by founder Chris Griggs, to a dual member artist with the addition of Kevin Dixon on vocals, & finally to its present 5 piece band. The time has come for Enduality to evolve into the metal monster it is destined to become.

What can be said about the new record is that the epic, cinematic, ambient voices only hinted at in Endualitys Demo from late 2010, & the orchestral & choir touches added to the “Battle Cry” single from summer 2011, will now be a rich, fully implemented part of Endualitys sound. This is made possible with the addition of Triston Cooley, who now plays keys & sampling for Enduality.

The new songs will be heavier & better composed, thanks to the addition of drummer, Sage Elder, & bass guitarist, Mark Hoover. There also may be an 8 string guitar in the works, providing for heavier & cleaner frequencies. Chris Griggs more elaborate melodic guitar work from “Battle Cry” sets a new standard for the bands skill level, & you can expect a similar work ethic to each song. The new songs will hint at other genres, but Enduality is Metal, through & through.

The lyrical content will encompass a broad spectrum of “the real world” problems we all face. There is a lot of tension in the air for 2012 & Enduality plans on being on the fore front.

Lavinia Unknown

Lavinia Unknown is a Hard Rock band from Colorado Springs, Colorado.
We are five guys with different tastes and influences in music.

Lamb Bed

LAMBBED is a Hard rock band currently in Colorado Springs CO, 3 piece, raw, real, and deep lyrics and music! Active in the music scene!


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