A Night with Craig Campbell

Craig Campbell

"I'm gonna change your tomorrow, tonight," sings Craig Campbell in his new single. Though he may be telling tales of romance and the sparks that happen after dark in “Tomorrow Tonight," Campbell's never taken a backseat to anything. He’s certainly never taken a backseat in his career as one of country's brightest rising stars who exists in a perfect sweet spot between tradition and modernity; neither as a songwriter; nor as a family man. He's always been the kind of person to change his own tomorrow, tonight. That doesn't mean the road to "Tonight" has always been easy. There have been bumps along the way for the Georgia-born artist, on his path from the small town of Lyons to Nashville's Music Row. But through radio hits like "Keep Them Kisses Comin’," "Fish" and "Family Man," and countless shows, he's kept his eyes on his mission – to bring his fans true country music with a spin all his own, through timeless songs that tell his life story. And with "Tomorrow Tonight"(co-written with Justin Wilson and Vicky McGehee) Campbell's ready to share the next chapter: where that timelessness meets the here and now. "It encompasses all of what I love about country music right now," he says of the track. "It has a balance of what you think of as more traditional, and also more modern sounds. I really believe in findinga way to meet in the middle – it lets me be proud of the music I make and am writing. And I feel like there is a great spot out there for music like this right now." Ushered in by cascading guitars and a sweeping mid-tempo chorus that could fit just as easily into the arms of a chanting arena as an intimate living room, "Tomorrow Tonight" effortlessly embodies the neo-traditionalist tag he has come to personify. While some country artists are truly vintage, resurrecting a bygone era, and others are infusing their sound with rap or electronica, Campbell is what happens when these worlds meld in harmony. He loves singing about romance and fatherhood; but he also likes being playful, sexy, even funny at times. "Tomorrow, Tonight" is the perfect amalgam of all these sides – catchy and loose with an unshakable emotional drive and a chorus that you can't help but sing along to. "There are a lot of sides to me that people haven’t yet seen," he says, currently at work on his third record. "You can expect some great music with a little more energy, and a lot more fire." He'll certainly show these other sides on his forthcoming LP, which signals a whole new era for Campbell – new label, new songwriters, new producer (Jeremy Stover, known for his many successes with Justin Moore) and a new outlook that lets him explore all the facets of his unique niche in the country landscape. And the timing is perfect. While the genre shoots off in directions left and right, Campbell's a singer capable of melding both the old and the new into something purely special, purely his own. There's a palpable energy in the tracks, from "Hangin'" which fuses a honky-tonk spirit with a full-throttle, hard-rock energy, to slinky vibes of "Upstairs" that's edgier – and naughtier – than anything he's done
previously. The guitars are bigger, the sound rounder, the vision more complete. It's Campbell like he's never been heard before, but it's actually the truest to himself yet. Campbell's kept pushing even through the difficult times, back when his original record label folded. "It was very deflating," he admits, but he kept persevering. His sophomore LP, Never Regret, gained him comparisons to Alan Jackson, Travis Tritt and Clint Black, and "Keep Them Kisses Comin’" climbed into the Top Ten of Country radio. It wasn't long after the shuttering of his former label Bigger Picture that his current home, BBR Music Group's RED BOW, snatched him up nearly instantly. RED BOW recognized that it was crucial to keep that classic-country-bred, smooth-as-molasses voice singing. Growing up in a strong Southern Baptist home, Campbell fell in love early with the sounds of Country radio, and built a foundation not just as a singer and performer, but as a songwriter. It was a conversation with Luke Bryan, for whom he once played keyboard, that really helped him set his priorities clear. "He said, 'man you need to be writing songs, and you need to be writing with different people, twice a day,'" recalls Campbell. "That's where you can define yourself as an artist, with people writing songs that tell your story. And nobody is going to sing them better than you.'" That dedication to the craft made him not only understand the importance of crafting songs like "Tomorrow Tonight" with trusted collaborators, but also to keep writing, constantly. It's an ethos that recently led to Garth Brooks himself cutting his track "All American Kid" for Man Against the Machine."That was such a huge, huge honor," said Campbell. "I didn't believe it was happening, even when he was recording it." "Tomorrow Tonight," is the blueprint for Campbell's road ahead, full of songs that tug at heartstrings, push boundaries and seep in with infectious melodies. "All the songs we are writing are all very committed and current," he says. "But it's still me, singing. That's the main thing I want people to say, at the end of the day: that I'm a great singer, who truly loves country music." Tonight, tomorrow, and forever.

Drew Parker

Drew Parker grew up listening to artist like Merle Haggard, Travis Tritt, Alan Jackson, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings and Garth Brooks. At the age of 3, he would sing in front of a small church crowd and do his best to not break the plastic strings on his little guitar. Drew began to teach himself guitar at the age of 14 and keyboard at the age of 18 and continues to use these to help him when he is working on writing a song that he may have an idea for.

Raised in small unincorporated town of Stewart, Georgia (located in Covington, Ga) Drew loved to go to local singings as a child. Once becoming confident enough to get on Stage there was no stopping him! He has recently opened for many well known Artist including American Idol Runner-Up Bo Bice, A-List Country Artist Craig Campbell and Many Others! He was nominated for 2013 Georgia-Country Semi-Finals for Male Artist of the Year! Drew Parker is sure to be a Household Name for a Die Hard Country Fan!

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