Jan Krueger is one half of the legendary label Hello?Repeat together with Daze Maxim. Writing about him is always a pleasure because Jan Krueger just for existing artistically already challenges a cliché created in more modern times in the so called ‘electronic music industry’, that, a DJ has to be a producer to achieve success. You see, he is the living proof that if you love what you do, have absolute respect for your music and on top of it all, possesses one of the most precise mixing techniques ever seen, that yes, you can be ‘just’ a DJ and trust me, he can. Only just going back into production now, Krueger sustains a beautiful Djing career without actively releasing music himself but proves to be an excellent A&R for Hello?Repeat alongside Daze Maxim.

All that said however, it does not mean production isn’t entirely part of Jan’s career, not because is what the industry asks of him but because it feels right. After meeting young and promising producer Daze Maxim in the 90s they started some excursions in Maxim’s backroom studio to produce deep and minimal house tracks which were released on Mathias Tanzmann’s Moon Harbour Recordings in 2001. Born in Dusseldorf, currently living in Berlin with a stop in Hamburg, Jan’s life dedication to music has left a mark not only in each of those cities but worldwide. Starting his career in ’96 in Dusseldorf, warming up for some of his heroes in an abandoned wine cellar has led him to work for a record store then focusing on hosting parties starring international guests like Daniel Bell, Matthew Herbert and Ata to name a few.
As a consequence of working in a record shop Jan established close relationships with distribution companies, more precisely with Word & Sound in Hamburg. Such relationship took Jan to Hamburg where he became a Sales Manager at Word & Sound. At this point Hello?Repeat is born as a music platform for him and Daze Maxim in 2005.

Next stop is Berlin, Jan has now been there for the past 4 years. He is part of a peculiar and well respected group of artists who contribute to keeping Berlin’s reputation of the underground electronic music capital of the world. Such experience and dedication has granted Jan to have countless international gigs, from Europe to Japan to South or North America, you name it. Playing at places such as Panorama Bar, Fabric, Bunker in NYC, festivals and Jan’s current residencies include the ‘Member’s Only’ party Toi Toi Musik in London.. Equally, his podcasts and numerous sets are so popular that the title of best podcast of 2011 for Clubberia in Japan belongs to him. 2012 holds a pleasant surprise. Jan Krueger is going back into the studio, watch this space, work in progress. Eyes and ears of the industry wait anxiously.

N/UM (pronounced noom) is a New York-based live electronic trio using analog synthesizers and drum machines, guitar and voices in live composition. Their debut album ‘Zebra” (Duro, June 2016) was included in ‘XLR8R's Best of 2016’ and gained wide international recognition. Each performance or recording by N/UM is unique and improvised, with no pre-composed songs, no plan or structure agreed upon. The group unites three long-time friends who have always shared a deep passion for house music. They are five-time Grammy Award winning mastering engineer and producer Jeremy Loucas, guitarist of world-renowned rap group Residente (Calle 13) Elias Meister and Danish multi-instrumentalist and producer Emil Bovbjerg. The three, having recorded and performed together in different formations over the past decade, have emerged as a solid musical unit under N/UM, capable of capturing major dance floors while bringing the unique immediacy and spontaneity of pure, free improvisation to places where it is rarely heard: festivals, nightclubs and underground warehouse-parties. Despite the daring premise and unconventional creative approach the raison d’etre and mission statement of N/UM is simple: The opposite of war is a dance floor.

The 2016 debut release ‘Zebra’ gained support from internationally renowned artists like Acid Pauli, Dewalta, Paul Ritch, Andrew Grant and legendary Sheffield trio The Black Dog among many others. The single ‘Induction’ from the upcoming EP ‘YES’ went #1 on the iTunes Electronic chart in Mexico in it’s first week in June 2017. With early support from Skream, among others, the EP is scheduled for release in December, 2017.

“Recorded in one take during a single session the seven-tracker was improvised entirely, recorded as one lengthy live set with each track flowing into the next… Bashed out using a mixture of stringed instruments, vocals, analog synthesizers, and drum machines, [they] created a record that falls somewhere between minimal house and techno. N/um tick a lot of boxes between themselves: alongside a five-time Grammy award-winning mastering engineer (who spent years DJing in the cities underground scene), is a guitarist and bass player with a decade of experience in improvised performance, as well as a singer-songwriter with a background in orchestration and composition.” -XLR8R

Solomon Sanchez

Philip Goyette

Known for his eclectic ear and hard-to-beat-crate digging skills, Philip Goyette has built a solid foundation in his new base - Washington, D.C.

Goyette is a native of Minneapolis and spent his youth braving the cold, stark winters with the warm sounds of bands like Broken Social Scene, early Interpol, and Bjork. It was this early love of music that would eventually grow into his passion for DJing and producing later on in life, but he took the path towards his eventual career slowly.

Spending his days working at an environmental non-profit, Goyette spent his evenings immersed in music, without regard for genre but a developing a deep appreciation for new sounds. “When I was 18, I lived with a few friends and our apartment was very much the after work hangout spot and I would always supply the music.”

Goyette’s introduction to electronic music was through Boards of Canada and LCD Soundsystem and both bands played a pivotal role in steering his next career move. “In some weird way, I might say that BOC inspired me to start DJing even though they are the antithesis of ‘DJ music.’ Listening to them really opened my ear to more of an electronic sound and helped me grow beyond listening to just indie rock.”

Though he always knew his life would either take a political path or that he would become more involved in music, his move to the nation’s capitol and the infectious music scene there, cemented his choice to pursue music. Since moving here he has worked his way through nearly every club and bar on U Street and H street and has earned himself a weekly residency at the famed Eighteenth Street Lounge. His sound has grown from indie dance and rock to spinning deep house and tech.

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