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The Kid Heat

Everyone is always looking for that new sound. California born and Alaskan Native American, Archie Peterson aka The K.I.D. Heat has been living it for years. He has been Productions Director for some of the top major artist of our industries time.

With his brilliant sought after skills and accolades he has been presented deals from the major labels but choses to stay the "King In Disguise," committed to himself, his works and making hits.

Quinton Marcel started in the business at an early age. From magazine covers to American Idol,
Quinton Marcel has been evolving in the music industry. He’s worked with 9 time Grammy Producer
Alvin Speights, Roger Ryan,Great Scott and more of the best. He has written and collaborated songs for
the Legendary son of Lou Rawls Jr., A&R Atlantic Records; opening for Trey Songz.
Quinton’s anticipated second solo album release, “Blue Print” is infectious and fun. This album
represents his imprint in the industry, and follows the success of his last solo album “Imagine This.”
With his signature amazing pop mainstream sound and clean falsetto, this album continues to have
many of his same stylistic elements. Blue Print is musically and lyrically diverse like artist such as Dean

North Carolina native, multi talented singer, songwriter and actor, Reuben Cannon is a star on
the rise. Spending most of his young life immersed in entertainment, he has embraced all aspects
of the music industry and has grown at an alarming pace. Having toured the world on a global
scale, Reuben Cannon is best known as the brother of celebrity icon Nick Cannon. He’s also
known as a former member of R&B Trio RydazNRtist who toured with the amazing Mariah Carey.
Stepping out on faith with his strong understanding of today’s global music scene, Reuben
launched his solo career. He’s performed with Trey Songz, Mario, Day26, Shawn Garott and
rocked the house at the Prism Awards, opening for Brian McKnight and others. The Buzz out the
door was Reuben Cannon is the new era in music. Whether performing a laid back track, an up
tempo anthem, or taking it down for a heart wrenching ballad the audience always leaves
wanting more.

Leigh Vaughnn is a classically trained vocalist, songwriter, pianist and actress. She was
born in Long Beach, California and raised in Arizona where she really began to realize
that singing and performing was her dream. A natural Soprano Leigh can sing in five
different languages: German, Latin, Italian, English, and French. She has had the
opportunity to perform and study abroad at Centro Studi Italiani. With several
different musical influences Leigh has drawn inspiration from genres such as : Rnb,
Hip Hop, Pop, Classical and Country to create her own unique tone. She is a
classically trained vocalist, songwriter, pianist and actress. Her out of the box sound
has already created a local buzz starting from her hometown to where she now
resides in Sacramento, CA. Leigh Vaughnn is not an artist who is afraid to push the
envelope when it comes to creating her music. Always looking to collaborate with
other artist Leigh Vaughnn inspires to touch the souls of others though herself and her

Digla Baby is an independent Hip Hop/Rap artist out of Bakersfield,
California. His vision is wanting to change the game up by bringing something
new to the table. By putting my music out for people to enjoy; as well as
developing his brand as an independent artist. With his library of singles,
albums and features his grind in the game is self-explanatory through his

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