Younger brother of Jerry Only, and guitarist for the Misfits from October 1980 until the demise of the original group in October 1983. He learned to play guitar from Jerry Only and Glenn Danzig at the age of thirteen. He was just 16 years old at the first show he played with the Misfits (Halloween 1980).

Doyle reformed the Misfits with Jerry Only in January 1995 and left the band in 2002.

Now currently playing in his solo project entitled Doyle with Alex Story of Cancer Slugs on vocals. He is currently married to Alissa White-Gluz, ex-The Agonist singer and current Arch Enemy vocalist.

MF Ruckus

This Foul year

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Killing Creation

In the Fall of 2015, Killing Creation started out as just a Two piece with Drummer/ Caden Montoya and Guitarist/ Eric Jaramillo. Starting to slowly progress with songwriting there was Something missing. A great bass player, in Early December Bassist/ Nick Aranda joined the band. This changed the bands sound causing us to create a new sound and feel to the music. This not only made us sound better but it influenced us enough to keep writing more and more. With roughly 6 Songs at the time it was time to start looking for a Vocalist. We had way to much trouble finding someone until we found Vocalist/ Chance Smith on February 26th 2016. Since then Killing Creation has been hard at work day in and day out to create and grow.This band is all that we have and we look forward to sharing our art with you in the near future

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