Dizzy Balloon is five friends who had fun playing music together for a minute, then took a break and are now reuniting for this one time historic world event.

Fever Charm

Move over One Direction, there's a new group of boys in town, and they're not just young and hot, with vocals that'll make any teenage girl's heart melt, they actually play instruments, really, really well. Consisting of four all-American California teenagers, who spend their off-time hanging out at the beach, surfing, skating, flirting with girls and just having fun, not necessarily in that order, Fever Charm's upcoming breakout album West Coast Rock and Roll displays a talent and style beyond their years. Mixing old-school rock, pop-punk and the laid back ease of bumming around on the beach, these boys offer something truly unique that wasn't manufactured backstage at a vocal competition.

plus DJ Aaron Axelsen (popscene/ALT105.3)


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ADV TIX $17 / DOORS $20. Orders place for the sole purpose of resale will be cancelled. Orders exceeding the 6 ticket limit subject to cancellation.


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