Ted Poley: The Voice of Danger Danger - Live in the Vault

Ted Poley

World class singer for Danger Danger and solo artist.

Super Troup

Matt Starr - is an American born rock drummer, singer and producer. He is the current drummer for guitarist and founding KISS member Ace Frehley.[1][2] He played drum on Ace Frehley's 2014 release "Space Invader"(eOne Records). Starr was asked to play on the record after performing a few shows with Frehley in 2012. He is the only drummer other than Late Night With David Letterman drummer Anton Fig, to play on the entirety of one of Frehley's records. The 2014 release drew comparisons to 70's KISS and Frehley 1978 solo album. While remaining with Frehley, in 2013 Starr began playing with Burning Rain which was formed by Whitesnake guitarist Doug Aldrich and Montrose vocalist Keith St John. He also toured the UK and U.S. with Love/Hate. In 2004 Starr toured with Quiet Riot front man Kevin DuBrow in support of DuBrow's solo release "In For The Kill". In 2005 Matt co-wrote and recorded Beautiful Creatures sophomore release "Deuce" (Spitfire Records) and toured with the band the same year. The song "Freedom" was placed in the 2009 Sandra Bullock film "The Proposal".[3] "Anyone", also from Deuce was placed in the FX series "Sons Of Anarchy" that aired on October 8 at 10:00 p.m.[4] In late 2004, Starr formed the band Hookers & Blow with Dizzy Reed (Guns N' Roses) and current Quiet Riot guitarist Alex Grossi. The band toured the U.S. in 2004.[5] He also played with Bang Tango and recorded the CD "Ready To Go" (Shrapnel 2004). The album was produced and mixed by Anthony Focx (Aerosmith, Taylor Hawkins).[6] In 2007 Starr stepped away from drumming and formed The Automatic Music Explosion as a singer and spent the next 2 years recording with multi-platinum producer Mike Chapman.[7] The two met after Starr showed up the producer's east coast home and asked him to produce the record.[8] Due to lack of label support the record never saw a proper release, however several of the tracks were licensed to various cable television shows and movies including SpongeBob SquarePants. In the summer of 2012 Starr co-produced the debut release of the hard rock band Hotel Diablo's "The Return To Psycho California" along with Guns N' Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke.[9]

In early 2013, Matt was asked to join the rock band Burning Rain for their 2013 release "Epic Obsession".[10] The band features Whitesnake guitarist Doug Aldrich, former Montrose singer Keith St John and Dokken bassist Sean McNabb. This also lead to Starr touring with Aldrich's other band Steamroller which included bassist/singer Michael Devin also of Whitesnake.

In Fall of 2013 Ace Frehley announced on Eddie Trunk's radio show that he had signed a deal with eOne Entertainment and that Starr would be the drummer on the record.[11] This is the first time that a drummer other than Late Night With David Letterman drummer Anton Fig would play on the majority of one of Frehley's records since his 1978 solo LP.

Scott LaFlamme - Has a diverse style and stage persona which is obvious to everyone who watches a live performance. A gifted individual, with a natural born talent for his craft. Being a veteran of the stage and studio has brought Scott to realize his ultimate goal of leading his musical career to new heights; and offering his creative combination of guitar playing, and technique to audiences across the world. With an extensive variety of artists as influences ranging from The Beatles to bands of today such as Ozzy Osbourne, to name a few.
Scott’s love of music surfaced during early childhood and has transcended through years of devotion as both a performer and teacher. Now, having opened his own recording studio & Teaching studio LMI complex guitar riffs, he is a talented individual whose playing ability is comprised of intricate musical theory and skill.
Scott LaFlamme is a dynamic live performer who gives listeners a phenomenal live show. With a tremendous talent that shines through to all audiences who witness it. Scott LaFlamme is the former guitar player of the band “Bang Tango” which has given him the opportunity needed to create new songs on a national level adding his talent and skill to them.
 Performed at the M3 Festival 2010, 2012 over 30,000,000 viewed live
 Monsters of Rock Cruise 2012, 2013
 Over 200 tour dates in the US in 2010, 2011, 2012
 Support act for Queensryche, Whitesnake, Slaughter, Kix, Loverboy, Lynch Mob, & more
 Halfway Jam Festival 2012 opening for Jackyl, 38 Special
 Active rotation on VH1 Classic, Sirius XM radio “Hair Nation” & “The Boneyard”
 Fan favorite at venues, of all sizes coast to coast

Chas West - Vocals
This front man first came to prominence as lead vocalist for the rock band BONHAM or THE JASON BONHAM BAND featuring Jason Bonham on drums (son of the late great John Bonham of Led Zeppelin) . The band released 3 CD's on Sony Music and continuously toured Europe, Japan,and all over North & South America to critical acclaim! Chas has also appeared in a cameo role in the Warner Brothers movie "ROCK STAR" and as lead vocalist with LYNCH MOB along with guitarist George Lynch. The L.A. times was quoted as saying "vocalist Charles West is a wailer who sounds alot like "Chris Cornell" and hearing Chas for the first time Robert Plant himself said "he sounds like me when I was his age" He then became lead vocalist for an Allstar cover band called Hollywood Allstarz which included members of Black Sabbath, Quiet Riot, Dio, Ratt & Dokken. From this came an all original band called 3 LEGGED DOGG who released a cd entitled "Frozen Summer".

Chas also sang lead for a period of time for the muti platinum selling band FOREIGNER along with his old bandmate Jason Bonham on drums!

His other credits include lead vocalist & co-writer for Tribe Of Gypsies with guitarist/producer Roy Z who released a cd on RCA/Victor in Japan Called "Dweller On The Threshold" & then toured with KISS,Santana, Paul Rodgers & Alice In Chains.

He also has a Led Zeppelin All Star Tribute band called THE MOBY DICKS along with members of Whitesnake,Billy Idol,Sebastian Bach, Megadeth & John Fogerty that has played all over the West & East Coast!

Kelly Garni - started playing bass at the age of 11 at the urging of his
best friend, legendary guitarist Randy Rhoads. The two boys went on to
form chart topping heavy metal pioneers Quiet Riot. Garni has since
written a book, "Angels With Dirty Faces" an autobiography that tells
the story of two kids who wanted to be rock stars when they grew up.
Rhoads died in a plane crash in 1982. These days, Kelly is a
successful artist in multiple mediums and is still very much active in
the music industry, recording and performing live. He lives in Nevada

Sygnal to Noise

Sygnal To Noise was founded by Coopa, a singer/songwriter veteran of the New England music scene. Coopa and two musician friends started a three piece musical group originally called DurtKnap. This early concept soon faded and then morphed into what today is known as Sygnal To Noise. This genesis happened when Austin, Coopa’s son, took over the drum responsibilities. Bringing the project to a whole new level. Durtknap then became Sygnal To Noise, a name that Coopa came up with while using a computer font. Coopa and his son then recruited guitarist Ted Millington and became the first incarnation of Sygnal To Noise. Sygnal started to diligently work on their first EP entitled Without Color. After all the hard work of writing and upon release of Without Color, Ted exited the group. Leaving Coopa and son Austin without a guitarist to play and perform music with. Sygnal seemed finished, before it even started.

As luck would have it, Coopa received a phone call from a former bandmate who was wondering if he knew of any bands looking for a guitar player. Surprised, Coopa could not believe what he was hearing and explained that Sygnal To Noise just so happened to needed a guitar player. This former bandmate then introduced Coopa and Austin to “Dirty Dave” Graham. With “Dirty Dave” on board, the idea of Sygnal To Noise was rejuvenated and revived. Coopa realized that he just wanted to sing and write music. Up until that point, Coopa also played bass for Sygnal To Noise. So Coopa and Austin recruited a locally known bassist Casey Chick to play bass for Sygnal To Noise. The band still felt something was missing, so to round out the unit, Coopa called in former David’s Playground guitarist Chuck Yoho. Sygnal then became a full five piece band with focus and purpose. The mission: to resurrect Rock n Roll from the grave and restore the musical genre to its former glory.

Sygnal To Noise started to play every show that they could get, releasing their debut video and single “Broken” on You Tube. Local popularity was almost immediate. Sygnal To Noise was moving along nicely as a band, playing to full houses locally. But the popularity of the band locally revealed a big problem, not everyone in the band was on the same page. Sygnal realized that guitarist Chuck Yoho had different ideas as to what Sygnal To Noise should be. A tough change was then made and local guitar virtuoso Jimi Leonard picked up guitar responsibilities. With Jimi’s more aggressive stage presence and sound, Sygnal ended up hitting like a freight train that scooped up more and more fans as they steam rolled ahead.

With a new found sense of excitement and goals, Sygnal To Noise head back into the studio and record there second EP Under Construction. Utilizing again the same combo of John Wyman and multiple Grammy winner Adam Ayan for recording and Mastering of the EP. Sygnal then signed on with 3RA Music Business Consulting for professional representation of their band. With the momentum of their growing popularity and their increased professional profile they released another video, their first single off of Under Construction called “Punch The Clown”. Under Construction and “Punch The Clown” have been received well by fans and critics alike, winning the band Best Hard Rock/Heavy Metal band in New England for 2015 at the New England Music Awards.

As fate would have it, once again the popularity of the band exposed another problem, once again some of the members were not on the same page as the rest. Realizing that rowing the boat in the same direction leads to the best results, changes had to be made. Casey and Jimi both decided for various personal reasons to leave Sygnal To Noise. When the band was in a fervor of local hype and popularity the band wondered what to do. As strange as when “Dirty Dave” came into the band, John “The Viking” Giddings answered an advertisement and in bass. To fill out the sound of the band Coopa picked up the guitar.

Now with a unified vision and goal, Sygnal To Noise plan to push boundaries and bring back Rock n Roll to the forefront of popular music. Sygnal To Noise have no intention to be the best technical players, or write the most heartfelt lyrics. They just want to make people forget about the problems in their lives and enjoy the fun and excitement of Rock n Roll again. Like the bands that inspired them, Sygnal To Noise pushes forward. They are not letting the state of Rock were it is today deter them. This is in spite of the popularity of hip hop, and pop on the radio. Sygnal has seen firsthand the rise in excitement for Rock N Roll again. Sygnal plans to execute their mission: to resurrect Rock n Roll from the grave and restore the musical genre to its former glory.



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