Koion Kitten

Koion Kitten

Coming from Denver, Colorado, Koion Kitten is a quartet that embodies an eclectic sound. Taking cues from jazz legends, funk masters, and raging rockers, singer Jamie Beekman, guitarist Brett Kuyper, drummer Jeremy Barber, and bassist Cater Jackson come together from their myriad of influences to add a new genre bending band onto the Denver music scene. Focusing on harmonically rich, groovy tunes, Koion Kitten has created technical, yet listenable songs that seamlessly crosses a wide range of sounds that will make anybody feel the feel that they are feeling.


With styles and genres coming in from every direction, Metafonics focuses on bringing a fresh live experience to the listener.

Straight from Denver, CO, the group is hard at work writing eclectic tunes from groovy funk and electro to psychedelic rock. They are also no stranger to collaboration, and enjoy working with other local artists to create electrifying concepts.

Metafonics is setting the stage for major developments in the near future, look forward for big things to come!

Fable Heist

Folk / Rockabilly / 60's Fuzz Pop with a Tarantino Twist.
Formerly Thanks To Philo.

$8.00 - $10.00


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