Pop Evil: Music Over Words Tour

Melodic post-grunge outfit Pop Evil formed in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 2001. Formerly known as TenFive, in November 2007, Pop Evil signed a management deal with G&G Entertainment.

Palaye Royale

is a
Toronto, Canadian born Palaye Royale members are
Remington Leith
(lead singer)
, Sebas?an Danzig
(guitar-organist) and
Emerson BarreB
(drums) whom are
brothers from Las Vegas they are set apart by their arNstry & integrity. They are “indie” in every sense of the word; completely “hands--on” from their words & musical arrangements as well as direcNng &
producing their own music videos, to handling their own social media. The band’s look, feel and authenNc style makes them stand out while they remain true and pure to their music. Palaye Royale’s musical
output is primarily based around the rock genre, with some classical influences and bring their theatrically charged fashion-forward art rock to life in vivid and vibrant Technicolor.

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