Glasspirits, TROPICAL NASTY, Kenneith Perrin, Dole Humphries, Fate Under Fire, Language of The Trees

GLASSPIRITS is a 2-piece award-winning eclectic rock & pop band from Los Angeles, CA whose members are Filipino-American Joanna Glass (vocals, guitar, keyboard and violin) and Cuban-American Abe Perez (drums, keyboard, electronic drum pads and various percussion). Their sound could be described as a mix between the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Black Keys and Muse with hints of Afro-Cuban percussion and twists of classical and electronic music. Glasspirits are highly trained professional musicians who have fresh, melodic rock and pop songs with an energetic live show.


Country soul rock n' roll indie blues. Performing the songs we've written is a dream come true for both of us. Listen to songs at!

Language of The Trees



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