Icon For Hire

Icon For Hire- Turn Your Pain Into Art

Despite their name, ICON FOR HIRE aren’t indebted to anyone but their
fans. Since forming in 2007, the duo—singer Ariel Bloomer and guitarist
Shawn Jump—have amassed a legion of followers who have connected
with not only the band’s genre-bending sound, but also their honesty.
That soul-baring spirit and realism is at the heart of everything Icon For
Hire do, and it’s front and center on their latest Billboard-charting
release, YOU CAN’T KILL US. Produced by Mike Green (Gwen Stefani, All
Time Low) and funded by fans through Kickstarter on a campaign that
raised $127, 200—making it one of the year’s highest-raising music
campaigns—the self-released album marks a brand-new chapter for the
band. Blending hard rock, hip-hop, electronica and pop into an anthemic
swirl of both melody and muscle, You Can’t Kill Us isn’t only a modern
sounding record—it’s awash in lyrical themes that tap into the times as
well. Addiction, depression and self-worth are all topics Ariel addresses

and these themes reverberate loudly in today’s tumultuous, judgment-
first culture. After all, having survived the record label system and

reemerged stronger than ever, Icon For Hire are living proof that you
can take control of your life—and that’s perhaps the greatest success
anyone can hope to accomplish.
-Evan Lucy



What do you get when you mix the hard hitting nature of rock and roll with catchy melodies of pop music? Simple. You get the action packed, high energy, four piece group known as Carverton.

Based in Nashville, TN, Carverton features Kyle Yorlets, lead singer, rapper, and rhythm guitarist, Michael Curry, lead guitarist and background vocals, Sean Wykoski, bass guitarist and background vocals, and Christian Ferguson, the drummer. Kyle and Michael, the founding members of Carverton, met in their home state, Pennsylvania, and then moved to Nashville to further expand their idea. Sean moved into Nashville from Michigan for a career and education in music. Christian was born in Tennessee searching locally for bands needing drummers. Sean and Christian reached out to a duo seeking a bassist and drummer and soon formed what is now Carverton.

Carverton’s music explores the topics of experiences in today’s modern day culture. The songs themes vary from love and lust, to hate and pain, through catchy singing and quick-wit rap, infectious instrumentals, and a dash of clever modern day production. Carverton puts on a bombastic, high quality performance with intricate production, exciting displays of musicianship, and fun and honest crowd engaging moments. Bands like All Time Low, Fall Out Boy, Blink 182, twenty-one pilots, and countless more have introduced them to so many new ideas while also leaving an open window for ideas both in the recording studio and on stage.

Courage My Love

Courage My Love consists of twin sisters Mercedes Arn-Horn (vocals, guitar) and Phoenix Arn-Horn (drums. vocals) with their friend Brandon Lockwood (bass).

The Band is from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada and formed in 2009.

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