AJ Ghent [ j-ent ]

AJ Ghent [ j-ent ]

Welcome To The World Of Ghent [J-ent]
AJ Ghent [j-ent], constructs a musical sound that can be heard howling from the church to the streets to
the clubs. His style can be defined as fresh, nostalgic, electrifying and roots rock, -- fusing blues, funk,
rock, and pop, mashing it into a genre he likes to call, NEO BLUES. 
The energy and passion which resonates from AJ’s music, from the strum of the guitar and the
conviction of the vocals, the pounding rhythm of the drums, to the thought provoking lyrics, is sure to
be felt by any crowd.  AJ aims to create an unforgettable experience for music lovers, with the hopes of
taking them to a musical paradise.  A little hip-shaking, finger snapping, head nodding is all you need for
this tuneful travel excursion.
He calls James Brown, Prince, and his family heritage as influences. He can be heard picking, sliding and
strumming all over those strings, whether it’s one of his custom built 8-string lap steel hybrids or his
acoustic resonator.
What is different from most lap steel players is AJ performs standing upright like a guitar player, using
his over handed technique to play slide, so that he can dance, and have more mobility during his live
shows. AJ was born to fly!
AJ Ghent [J-ent] is a musician hailing from Fort Pierce, Florida and growing up was all about the music.
Music has truly been running through his family for generations; such as his great uncle Willie Eason, the
creator of the “Sacred Steel Tradition,” and his grandfather Henry Nelson, the founder of the “Sacred
Steel” rhythmic guitar style. This style is played by many names today, such as Robert Randolph, The
Campbell Brothers, and more. 
“Forged in the congregational hotbox of the Southern Pentecostal House of God church, sacred steel
music is an electrified rhythm, punctuated by sharp blasts of soaring solos, played on amplified lap steel
guitar. It's an open tuning, on an eight-stringed instrument, and sometimes it can sound like the roaring,
whooping and hollering voice of God himself has joined the gospel fervor.” (reference Connect
Savannah, 2013)
So around 12 years old, the young AJ got a hold of something special; "it was one of the first sacred steel
CDs, with my father, my grandfather and my great uncle on there. At that point, I became interested in
the instrument, and I would listen to that thing until I broke it.” (reference: Connect Savannah August
After High School, AJ traveled down to the West Palm Beach, FL area with his sister, Tiffany Ghent to
explore the city’s range of genres, from hip-hop to R&B, while playing in Top 40 music bands. However,
AJ was in search of something more, a style that was uniquely his own. 
Something was bubbling…
Fresh with his marriage to his bride MarLa, a singer herself, he set his eyes on Atlanta, GA. When he
arrived in Atlanta, AJ took on sideman jobs, studio session work. Not long after, AJ met the legendary
Colonel Bruce Hampton who began to mentor him; teaching him what mattered the most; “time – tone
and space” for all his music and life journeys. AJ was invited to play in Hampton’s band, Pharaoh's

Kitchen, which he did for about a year -- and like true Colonel Bruce style, the elder statesman always
reminded AJ to be ‘true to himself.'
He has had a colorful career thus far playing and opening for such legendary acts like Zac Brown, The
Allman Brothers Band, Derek Trucks, Robert Cray, and Gov’t Mule. He can be heard on various
recordings with Zac Brown, Luther Dickinson, and featured on Zac Brown’s 2013 Grohl Sessions Vol. 1
alongside Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters). AJ’s band has had various formations, from a trio to a full-size live
band with horns, playing small clubs to mid-large sized festivals and arenas; dazzling audiences
everywhere. In 2015, he released a DVD/CD called LIVE AT TERMINAL WEST – recorded and filmed at the
Terminal West venue in the old King Plow factory in Atlanta, GA. This was well-received by fans and
critics praising the fearless leader! “The 11-song album is a relentless, high-energy romp through gospel,
soul and funk-infused landscapes, with a couple of cool-down moments just so the audience can catch
their collective breath.” (Relix, 2015)
At the age of 31, AJ Ghent [J-ent] knows where his talent comes from and isn’t afraid to explore other sounds. The Neo-Blues Project is something different: A musical fusion form that takes art and skill to master, something that AJ Ghent [J-ent] has spent his whole life perfecting.  Look, watch and listen for this on March 16, 2018.

Michael Magno

Magno – derived from the Latin adjective magna, meaning “of greatness”...
Somewhere in the definition, Michael Magno inherited the drive to become a serious singer/songwriter. Spoon-fed his influences by radio-loving parents, Michael wrote his first song at age 14 and never looked back. By today’s standards, you can compare him to such contemporaries as Bruno Mars and OneRepublic, with a smooth vocal reminiscent of Sting or Marvin Gaye. In 1998, the Florida native transplanted to Atlanta and began performing his originals solo acoustic or with the his band, MAGNO. He quickly gained popularity at such venues as Eddie’s Attic, Smith’s Olde Bar and other music rooms around Atlanta. His sound is an organic blend of rock and soul, with an undeniable pop sensibility. Drawing inspiration from coffee and 80’s radio, Magno’s songs are a personal invite into familiarity. His songs convey broad takes on love and hope, while letting his listeners embrace the lyrics in their own singularity. Live performances showcase Magno’s natural abilities: lucid vocals, comfort on guitar and piano, an alluring demeanor and boy-next-door smile. With every show, Magno continues to draw a growing fan base, validating his stride as a serious songwriter and performer. Find him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @mrmagnomusic

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