A Night of Primary Source Performance

June Millington

Filipino American guitarist songwriter and producer, born 14 April 1948 in Manila, Philippines. Sister of Jean Millington.

lady jane (esperanza friel) grew up in the western mass area and spent most of high school recording songs on a tape recorder in her room. after graduating from northampton high in 2009 she continued that tradition at marlboro college in vermont, writing music in her dorm room and occasionally playing songs for friends. but after graduating from college in may 2013 she decided to take her music more seriously and starting recording songs for her upcoming album "fish and foot." she hopes to have it finished by the summer of 2014.

Lexi Weege

Born in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts wielding a Shure SM58 in her hand and red patent leather heels, Lexi Weege has been creating music her entire life, flirting with just about every singer’s role, from polka-dotted Big Band vocalist to glitter-haired, bloody-nosed rock front-woman. Lexi has refined her sound to a silky barroom jazz that tips respectful hats to the likes of Billie and Jessica (that would be Rabbit) that can swing into feisty blues numbers at the drop of said hat. Having just finished her independently-released, pressed to vinyl debut album Virgin, Lexi has begun to take Western MA, Boston, New York and the Cleveland by storm. This past autumn saw her take to Club Passim’s stage with her side project the Woman Songwriter Collective as well as headline the Iron Horse with her four-piece piano-driven jazz band. With plans to continue stirring the vat to a boil with upcoming tours, her sultry voice and sugar-brandy songs of endless summer and the cold, bittersweet winters that often follow are not to be missed.



Julie Cira & The Wake

Julie Cira traverses across Americana, lo-fi indie rock, and alt-country genres. Combining a healthy dose of grit with an appreciation for timeless song and poetry, she and her collaborators deliver stormy, textured vocals over driving rhythms. Formerly a vocalist and drummer in post punk bands, Julie began performing under the name Julie Cira when work brought her from her hometown of Baltimore to western Massachusetts. Suddenly alone in the country, she pursued a long-time dream of writing indie rock inspired alt-country songs (and/or vice versa) and officially launched Julie Cira as a solo project in 2015. In winter 2016, she was joined by Nadia Elle Levin on lead guitar and Ruune on drums. Femme fatale and punk at heart, Julie Cira turns struggle and heartbreak into siren songs for those who seek a better world. They released their first EP in July 2016 and are currently working on writing new material for a full-length album.

Flame N' Peach & the Liberated Waffles

Flame n' Peach & the Liberated Waffles started moving parts in Massachusetts in 2012. The most recent EP "It's a Spiral" is out now everyone online that you can get Music!

Old Flame is a machine that kills fascists. Formed in the mire of the 2017 presidential election with one unshakable intention: to make their art as an active form of resistance and never cease. Born in the DIY basements, garages and fields of Western-Mass, the indie-rock band spins grit, unapologetic politics, and honey-rasp vocals into a psychedelic punk-rock nostalgia, whose edge is a howling afterglow of raw blues.

With one debut EP released, “Wolf in the Heather” (2017) and another one, “Hush Money” looming on the horizon. Old Flame’s debut single, folk-rock strain “Smoke Show,” has been well-worn on the airwaves of WMUA and Valley Free Radio. As one indie-music blogger said: "Love this sound, retro and brand new all at the same time. Toes the line of vintage & psych rock. Addictively good." -Ear To The Ground Music. Ayres's vocals have been characterized as "Lady Jim Morrison," with Perry's guitar playing transporting listeners from the psychedelia of Jefferson Airplane to the ferocity of the Clash.

Old Flame is comprised of valley native Emma Ayres (Emma June), Sam Perry (Dios Trio), Ken Birchall and Nate Mondschein (The Rooks). Make yer art. Don't ever stop.

Mad Habits

Mad Habits is a 3 piece weirdo folk band from Holyoke, MA. They enjoy walks on the beach, snapdragons, birds, and lying about their interests.

Kalliope Jones

Walmart Romeo

two trans punx and a real *artistic accident*.
wmass’ favorite shitty punk boyfriend + lava girl teaming up to play aggressively tactless songs to make you uncomfortable.

Jazz squeezed through a punk rock tube. Described as having "dream logic," "a willingness to defy genre conventions" and the ever favorite, "a cacophonous wreck." Sodada released a new album, "Sunshine EP" on April 1st (https://sodada.bandcamp.com/album/sunshine-ep)

Sodada has been playing music together since the heat wave of 2012. Originally hailing from the Hudson Valley, they now reside in beautiful Western Massachusetts, sandwiched between the cows and the concrete.

Fire Letters

Kimaya Diggs

Kimaya is a lifelong performer and teaching artist.

Kimaya first went on tour as a workshop leader at age eleven, when she took her homegrown and self-directed children's music trio on the road to local schools and libraries, teaching international music from 20 distinct vocal traditions spanning 27 languages.

Since then, Kimaya has toured for several months over three continents, performing and teaching vocal music in workshops with participants of all ages. Currently she teaches elementary- and high-school-aged students, both in ensembles and in private lessons tailored specifically to the developing voice.

With a deep love for collaboration, Kimaya has contributed writing and music to plays, operas, podcasts, recordings, and TV shows as a contributing writer, librettist, lyricist, songwriter, and devising artist.

She is currently recording her first solo album.

The Paper City Picture Show

Lilting, folky-jazzy-soulful something echoing from the highwaysides and mountainsides of New England. Song-stories spun from adventures across the seas.


"A Night of Primary Source Performance" is the second part of a two-part series about Women/Trans/Non-Binary/Queer Musicians, Media, and Access to Audience. Please email ejayres@umass.edu if you are a writer working for a local/national media source and are interested in covering this event. One of the purposes of this evening is to generate as much primary source material as possible on the artists so we can create Wikipedia pages for participants.

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