Winter Wolves: A Benefit for The Endangered Wolf Center

Winter Wolves: A Benefit for The Endangered Wolf Center

A portion of the proceeds from this event will be donated to the Endangered Wolf Center. Direct donations can be made here:

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Sugarfire Smokehouse, Schlafly Beer, 4 Hands Brewing Co. and Music Record Shop

Kentucky Metal band.
- s/t Demo
Limited to 100 copies (Sold Out)
January 1st, 2009

- Glass Coffin / Tombstalker Split (cassette) (Sold Out)
Limited to 100 copies
Husk Records
October 31st, 2009

- "Cemetery Wolven Ritual" (Sold Out)
Tombstalker / Dawn Of Wolves Split
Pragmatic Records
April 1st, 2010

- Demo Re-release (cassette)
Limited to 100 copies (Sweden)
Boneyard Records
July, 2010

- Tombstalker s/t 7" EP
1st pressing on red and grey wax - Limited to 300 copies (Sold Out)
Karmic Swamp Records
September, 2011
2nd pressing on black wax - 300 copies

black metal courtesy of
Amon : Drums
Keihule : Bass
Vaedis : Vocals, Guitar
D.A. : Guitar

Deep within the Hyperborean mists there lies a pale blue light. It is the light of a flame whose embers have been smoldering long and low, awaiting the day when it will engulf the sky in brilliant and terrible cerulean Aurora. That day has come. Vimur is a black metal band from the American South. Despite its hot, humid origins, Vimur's sound has a layer of icy frost seemingly shipped straight from the Arctic circle. Vimur was founded in 2006 as the singular musical vision of Vaedis, who spent several years writing music and developing his ability on drums so he could execute the compositions forming in his mind. In 2009, the first full length was recorded solely by Vaedis but was scrapped after not measuring up to his elite standards. An extremely limited demo was released in the Fall of 2010. Over 2010-2011 Vaedis revisited the debut album and with honed instrumental chops was able to re-record the material at a much higher level of prowess. Vaedis waited to unleash this record until he could form a live ensemble who could truly capture its power
and atmosphere. Many auditioned, but none were worthy until Kiehüle joined as bassist/co-writer. Two years would pass before a drummer of the proper caliber could be recruited; Ætheøs brought the unstoppable thrust that Vimur's sound demanded. Shortly after, Australis joined the ranks on guitar and the live line-up was complete, allowing Vimur to begin playing captivating live performances. In 2014, Vimur released a second demo with two studio recordings from the full length and three live recordings featuring the full band. At the end of 2014, the debut full length "Traversing the Ethereal Current" finally saw official release on Shades of Nyx records, and Vimur immediately set out on tour over the Northeast and Midwest to support the album. In 2015 an exemplary live tape, featuring individually handpainted artwork, was released by Ritual Ugliness Productions. Vimur continues to write and perform nationally with imminent plans to return to the studio.


We are Stonehaven, a band of four friends eager to change people's lives with our unique brand of heavy music. Keep on wood grain grippin'.

The idea of Terranaut was formulated deep within a great forest preserve in chicago around late 2007. Nieko the band founder was trekking the paths in the middle of the night tripping on dxm with an acoustic. When a talking coyote appeared and demanded he write black metal for the masses. So from that has evolved the band you see today.

Death metal band from Birmingham, Alabama, US.

We are Nucleus. Our sole purpose is to melt your neocortex with our brand of utterly cosmic death metal brutality. We give a shit about two things: black holes, and blastbeats. Get you some.


Agrinex was formed in fall of 2012 in Des Moines, Iowa. The non existing black metal scene in Des Moines at the time created Agrinex. Agrinex vowed to not conform to what seemed to be standard cookie cutter black metal. Agrinex will always strive to be evil, demonic, atmospheric, entrancing, and avantgrade.


Pagan Black Metal from Illinois influenced by Bathory, Primordial, Dissection, Running Wild, Sargeist, early Amorphis, Impaled Nazarene, Horna, Summoning, Virgin Steele, Winterfylleth, Manowar, Wodensthrone (RIP), WASP.

Stagecoach Inferno

Stagecoach Inferno are the world's greatest Wild West Heavy Metal troubadours.
Louisville KY

Animated Dead

The band was formed in 1990 as a quartet Spence Riggle - bass/vocals, Rik Geib -guitars, Todd Donaldson - guitars and Pete Smith drums . The first release demo was “Animation of the Dead” in 1991. They sold out of this self-release. Animated played throughout the Midwest and built a strong fan base in the metal underground.
In 1994 the band parted ways due to line up changes and musical differences. In 2001 founding members Spence Riggle and Rik Geib reanimated the band adding new drummer Jeff Riggle and x-Cicatrix guitarist Chris Beneke. With a new solid line up the band started writing new material and reconstructing the old songs .
In 2002 they hit the studio and released 5 song demo “Blasphemous Grinding Bliss”. Following in 2003 the band released “ Live of the Dead” this self-release catches the fury of the band live, including 10 brutal tracks of raw intensity.
In June of 2003 guitarist Chris Beneke parted ways to pursue other projects. The band remained a 3 piece and started working on new material. With the band more focused and tighter on this line up , They entered Red Light Studio’s in St Louis, Mo. in December to record a 4 song demo “ Dead to the Followers’, Which was released in 2004.
The demo included tracks: Bloodborn, Parasitic, Breed of Suffering and Dead to the Followers.
In the spring of 2005 the band went through some lineup changes. Guitarist Rik Geib parted ways and Spence Riggle moved over to guitar/vocals. The band immediately recruited bass player Joe Hoffman from a hardcore band called Omerta.
After recruiting a new bass player the band released five song demo called “Etching the Flesh” in 2006.
Animated is currently working on new material for a 2012 release and grinding up the Midwest.
The music of Animated Dead offers intense grinding death metal with a taste of thrash and old school death metal. Animated Dead has opened for such acts as: Death, Gorefest, Sacrifice, Phobia, Fuck the Facts, Bongzilla , All That Remains, Prong, Impaler, Waco Jesus, Anal Blast, Lividity, Deaden, Putrid Pile,Embalmer,Wormrot and Landmine Marathon…………

The concept of Emaciation was spawned in early 1996. Missouri based avant-garde rock/metal group Gikk, had started in the early 90's & wanted to focus on Heavy Metal. Gikk members Kirby Ray, Stu The Immortal Faris, focused on more brutal back to basics songs mixed with all styles of metal, to regain the magic power. Having grown up on every style of 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's & 2000's metal hard rock, being a founding member of the band Sinister(US) as guitarist in 1985, Kirby Ray had realized this was his lifelong goal. Also to work on several concepts on aspects of the band from the lyrics to the live show. The songs deal with topics such as the paranormal, historical & things we deal with in our daily lives. Starting with very few shows a year going through over 50 member changes, Emaciation has been fortunate to have made many friends in all styles of music & play what we love.

Live, you'll see the theatrical experience of the show, menacing stage presence, corpse paint, spikes & leather! Old School Metal, Power, Death, Thrash, Black, Glam Rock, Ambient, Classical, Gothic, Dark Wave & Rock are all influences of the band.

Emaciation has been invited to play at many of the world's best metalfests such as Dynamo festival, Wacken, Black Winter Day, Milwaukee Metalfest . Emac was voted one of the top six bands of the annual City Of Roses Music Fest in Cape Girardeau, MO by the ticket holders to the yearly outdoor event. Bands they have appeared with are: Ozzy Osbourne, Hypocrisy, Nuclear Assault, Enslaved, Mayhem, King Diamond, Destruction, The Misfits, Death Angel, Cannibal Corpse, Exodus, Zyklon, Opeth, Children of Bodom, Katatonia, Arch Enemy, Usurper, The Chasm, Halestorm, The Ravenous, Krisiun, Hellborn, Limbonic Art, Amon Amarth, M.O.D., Suffocation (US), Windir (Nor), Lullacry (Fin), Naglfar (Swe), Macabre, Anal Blast, Mistweaver (Spain), The Mentors, Incantation, Glen Benton w/ Vital Remains, Malevolent Creation, Gorguts, Ice-T Body Count, Hate Eternal, Impaler, Eddie Money, Christopher Cross & many more. The first logo concept was done by Kirby Ray in 97, developed by Emac official artist, Steve Faris in 98, then the final logo design done in 1998 by the amazing Christophe Szpajdel. Szpajdel is known for doing many great logos such as: Emperor, Enthroned, Desaster, Old Man's Child, Borknagar & countless more.

Projects with Emac members include: Sinister(US) which was formed in 1985 in Missouri. Mid-West, Nude House of Wacky People, Gikk, The Honey Offering, Steerjockey, Thought Waves, Polyduster, The Dirty 30s, Stage Crew, Chemical Billy, Forn, The Underground Lovesound, The Grimshaws, Blunt Force Trama, Paper Clip Nun & more !

Emaciation is now getting airplay, interviews, positive feedback & interest from around the globe. We are working to become as finely tuned as possible, gain worldwide distribution & reach as many fans of music as we can. Thanks to our kin, the bands, clubs, friends & fans for all your support over the years!



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