The Dropout, Liquid Monk, ONEFREQ

The lesser educated half of Nigel & the Dropout.
You may have seen a video or two floating around of his pajama pant donned booty shaking to the funky tune of his saxophone, but this Dropout has a trick or two to teach you when it comes to the art of producing music that’ll make you want to boogie down in your pajamas. As a self proclaimed “Post-EDM Indie Pop Hangover straight out of Detroit”, he’s mixed together hard hitting beats from the dirty Detroit raves he attended as a wee lad and polished electro-punk sounds from his last project, Nigel & the Dropout, to create a dynamic showcase that’ll leave you jamming in your car and on the dance floor. Come witness his first live show as a solo artist, with an even more epic and dazzling light show than ever before.

Liquid Monk




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