Country Christmas Showdown ft. Lauren Davidson & SPINN

Country Music Association Artist (CMA), Lauren Davidson, is a NYC/NJ based Singer-Songwriter with a unique and powerful voice. Performing professionally since the age of 10, Lauren is a seasoned Entertainer who's greatest joy is being on stage and sharing the music that she creates in collaboration with many of the finest Musicians working today. Lauren has made a name for herself on the Regional Country Music Scene where she has carved out a niche as an established Singer-Songwriter inspired by Artists of many different genres, including Rock, Pop and Contemporary Country. She has received praise from numerous Country Music Professionals, Colleagues, Music Media Outlets and Fans of the next wave of main-stream Country Music. Audio Fuzz Magazine emphatically stated that "Davidson brings about the same attitude as an early Patsy Cline or Linda Ronstadt; that I can do this myself attitude" and her second single "Loaded Gun" was exclusively featured on "The Boot" a well respected Online Country Music Magazine.

Lauren has earned the opportunity to play numerous venues around the Tri-State Area and has opened for significant Country Music Acts such as LOCASH, Old Dominion and Justin Moore among many others. She also co-wrote and recorded a Country-Themed Jingle for a NJ based Company that aired extensively on WKMK-Thunder106 Radio and has covered the famed classic "Route 66" also staring in the accompanying music video for the TV Show "Corvette Nation" airing on Disney's The Velocity Channel. In 2015 she released her first two singles, "Sometimes" and "Loaded Gun", to critical acclaim and is now releasing her first EP entitled "Hear Me" featuring new Country inspired songs with themes and in a style that is uniquely her own. You can find Lauren's music on all the major digital music outlets and on her website,

The very moment you meet Stephanie and Cheryl Lynn Spinner you will feel an instant sense of familiarity. People tell them this all the time. Whether you meet them in passing, or you see them live, you may just feel like you have known them for your whole life.

Spinn features the kind of instinctive vocal harmonies that seem to only come from kin, and they create country-rock songs that are deeply personal, and totally danceable. Add in an autoharp (that’s right, I said autoharp..) and feel your soul come to life to the soundtrack of their music. The proud history in country music of family bands singing close harmonies accompanied by autoharp runs deep. From the Carter Family, to Dolly Parton, to Spinn. While the Carters helped define the very notion of country music, Spinn is branching out.

Cheryl Lynn took up autoharp to give their live duo performances a unique twist. Though the autoharp is a big part of country tradition, nobody in Top-40 country plays one these days. Tradition is important to the Spinn sisters — Cheryl sometimes wears one of their dad’s favorite belts onstage, while Stephanie rocks a well-loved, broken-in pair of cowboy boots — and autoharp was a way to connect with country music’s past. It also adds a unique twist to their live shows, and not just because of the way an autoharp sounds.

"Cher has been known to "Rock out" pretty hard know the autoharp!" Says Stephanie. Laughing, Cheryl Lynn adds "I get pretty aggressive, I have to tape the banjo picks to my fingers or they fly across the room and have even popped a few strings on stage!" If autoharp suggests prim old-timey folk, the Spinn sisters give it a modern update, dancing and laughing their way through upbeat, super-energetic shows where it’s impossible to sit still.

The sisters describe their music as “city country,” which makes sense: they’re city girls playing songs with a country edge. The twins grew up in northern New Jersey, in a house where music was always on. “On Saturdays, our mom would be cleaning the house listening to Bruce Springsteen, and you’d go out to the garage and our dad would be working on the car, listening to Kenny Rogers,” Cheryl Lynn says.

They took to music at an early age, creating what they call “our first cohesive song” when they were 5. As kids they sang in a church choir, where they arranged harmonies for their elders and played in bands with friends in elementary and middle school. By high school, it was just the two of them, honing the rock and country influences they soaked up at home — along with acts like Patty Griffin, Sheryl Crow and Foo Fighters — and blended them into their own distinctive “city country” sound. “You have two girls, so in most instances, you would think folk,” Stephanie says. “But we have this pop-country side to us.”

Thankfully, They’ve focused more and more on that pop-country side, releasing two LPs and an EP since 2009. Fittingly, they got an inadvertent boost in 2013 with the arrival of Nash FM 94.7, the first country radio station in 17 years to serve greater New York City. “People were afraid to say they liked country,” Stephanie says. “But when we got a country radio station, everybody was like, ‘Oh my God, I love country!’ That gave us permission to lean a little more toward the country side of our sound than we had before.”

Spinn’s next EP, due in 2017, reflects their new sense of freedom. “This one is just putting everything out on the line for you,” Cheryl Lynn says. “It’s a total representation of us. Listen and you’ll know who we are.”

PLUS Special Guests

Keith Eric - Tommy Cole - Fred Fencke
Ben O'Connor - Carolyn Miller - October Rose

Special Host: Redneck Matt Burrill



Tickets will be available at the door for $15 if space permits, however, advanced purchase is always recommended.

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