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Black Sandwich

Flash Flash Comfort

Dizzy melodies, funky rhythms, fever dreams.

Chive is a group of young Chicagoans with a dirty indie rock sound. Spencer Schmid and Matthew Adams started making music together in 2016 with their lo-fi debut record “Hawaii”. Later in the same year they added Mathew Ackman on drums to record the sophomore release “Winnie and Rue”. The band’s energetic basement live shows and well crafted releases allowed them to start playing with the Kenosha collective “Public Garden”. They started gigging and got Landon Keroauc to fill in on bass. They began recording “Sunshine Kid”, their newest release, as a final release with that line up as they knew they’d be going separate ways for school. Raw youth radiates from single ‘Dig Me Out’ and captures your attention as the group continues to develop their signature sound, recently adding Benjamin Cvijovic on bass and Connor Mizell on drums.



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