Diane Coffee, Ratboys

Diane Coffee

The Potomac Accord

Indie Rock from St. Louis, Missouri

Formed in 2000 as a 3-piece to explore introspective and subtler spaces through dynamics. Two official albums released, Silver Line On a Black Sea (out of print) and In One-Hundred Years the Prize Will Be Forgotten (available), a live release from Hinah Records in France, and also included on various compilations and soundtracks. Toured both coasts and countless weekend excursions in between. A rotating cast of players at bass, guitar and violin have kept the sound changing while Andy & Jerry have remained steady players.

Andy Benn - piano, synthesizers, guitar, vocals, percussion
Dave Winkeler - bass, percussion
Jerry Green - percussion, vocals
Steve Breidenbach - guitar, synthesizer, percussion

$10.00 - $12.00


$2 minor surcharge at the door. 

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