Shadow of the City: Ray Gun Tony, A+B, Hedera

Three piece rock group from New Jersey.

Blending the sounds of LA, Nashville, and NYC in a way only I know cuz I lived there.

Hedera is an eclectic amalgamation of five fortunate friends; high school acquaintances turned post-collegiate musicians. Encompassing a tangible live energy underscored by a collected demeanor, Hedera combines the tension and release of jazz with the predictability of back-beat driven rock ’n’ roll. Hedera’s jazz-inspired-rock-music brings out the best in both genres.

Sharing a collective love for vintage timbres and instrumental variety, digital processing and samples are absent throughout their performances and recordings, instead preferring the likes of reel-to-reel effects and djembe percussion. With a name translating to “Common Ivy” in Latin and a logo representing a new approach to traditional mediums, Hedera’s persona is reflected in their imagery: a vibrant, multicolored ivy leaf. The entirety of the band’s art direction is designed by lead guitarist Anthony Formisano.

A distinctive lineup drawing from diverse musical experiences, each performer’s individual background is bound to the greater identity that is Hedera.

Raised on rock ’n’ roll but tested relentlessly on jazz and classicism, Hedera chauffeurs jazz-rock from their Sewell, New Jersey tractor-shed-turned-practice-shed to venues and artists throughout the East Coast accompanying the likes of Andy Grammer and Timeflies. We look forward to adding more artists and venues to our continuously growing list of friends and music-makers.



Tickets will be available at the door for $12 if space permits, however, advanced purchase is always recommended.

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