Hawk Percival And Friends, Zanya, Faunavision, Glen Parks

Hawk Percival And Friends

An eclectic amalgamation of classic rock and emotions that can not be explained, with a lyrical style reminiscent of Cat Stevens and a sad time in one's life; complimented by instrumentation inspired by The 70's and Outer Space.

The Hawk believes that sound is an emotional experience and a union of the elements, using music as a tool for connection.

Up and coming artist Zanya is a true embodiment of her surroundings. Her life as a musician began as a child, but flourished during her time as a music therapist at a hospital in San Diego. As a music therapist, she learned about the mental and physiological effects of music, and harnessed a set of skills to heal, inspire, and connect with patients of all ages.

Zanya wrote her entire forthcoming EP on an upright piano while working at this hospital. Influenced by a love for her senior patients and compelled to appeal to a broad audience, this record pulls influences from a very colorful spectrum of music - from 1930's ragtime to the vibrant wave of early 1980's avant funk. The first single from this EP, “Aphrodite”, is a dynamic, blooming soundscape, reminiscent of The Doors and George Clinton. This song strives to deliver a deep narrative about the intersection of personal and religious identity, and challenges us to self-question. Zanya sings, plays synth, guitar, and bass on this track, as well as engineered her entire EP.

Although this D.I.Y. M.O. is a core value of Zanya’s artistry, collaborating with her live band is where she experiences the most growth as a songwriter. Zanya and her bandmates push each other to make music that draws on all their eclectic fascinations. The result is a unique body of work with a common thread of multi-generational ambiguity that entices, charms, and on occasion, stuns audiences.


Spawned in the symphonic depths of LA, Faunavision is a psychedelic masterpiece conducted by singer/songwriter and instrumentalist Khari Rhynes. With a timeless sound, Khari fuses 80s synth tones with the rich soul of the 70s, creating vibes that still resonate with the streets of today.

Glen Parks

Glen Parks, named after a small park in Walker's hometown- Encinitas,CA, is the solo project of Amanda Walker, "Remora" of LA based band- Ray and Remora.

A smoother heart break electronic vibe from the bands indie pop-rock status.



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