The Powell Brothers, The Good Heart, Justin Michael Bell

The Powell Brothers

Blake and Taylor Powell are two multi-instrumentalists from Houston, Texas. They first toured together in 2006 as a hired backing band, and continued to play as much as they could until finally escaping high school. After briefly attending music school, both have worked as songwriters, producers, band members, music directors and session players for more than 30 artists internationally. Their playing can be heard on numerous albums, TV shows, movies, and they continue to travel and perform across North America. In February of 2014 they were both on the verge of pursuing separate careers on opposite sides of the United States, but instead, decided to focus on making their own music. They are influenced by their predecessors and peers, as well as the many genres they have experienced as sidemen, drawing from pop and rock n roll to bluegrass and gypsy jazz. These ingredients, their seasoned musical experience, and a brotherly vibe make them a must see..

The Good Heart

"The Good Heart is a 4 piece band out of Houston, Tx. They pride
themselves on their live performance and bold blend of many genres .
The Good Heart brings Southern Alternative Rock to the stage with deep
90's roots combined with some underlying indie tones, but always with
a southern feel. Lyricism is not lost on The Good Heart, as they write
about real life experiences that are honest, emotional, and relatable.
TGH is a group of fun loving guys, always looking to crack a cold one
and have a good time. It's all about the love of the music and
providing an escape for their listeners."

Justin Michael Bell

Justin Michael Bell is a Country music singer/songwriter. He attends Texas Tech Law School, but spends his summers performing across Texas.

$15.00 - $17.00


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