Edie O'Hara and Bum Wagler - Private Parlor Show (($10 before/$15 day of show))

Edie O'Hara

Singer, songwriter and guitarist Edie O’Hara showcases material from her forthcoming, second CD with bandmates Steven Gorman on bass and well-known producer/performer Johnny Harper on lead guitar. Edie is an excellent songwriter and a wonderful singer whose voice has drawn comparisons with Emmylou Harris and Joan Baez.

Musically her songs range from gentle, folk lyrics to high-stepping rockers and salty blues. Some are soul-searching explorations of difficult relationships, childhood experiences, and family ties. Others are hopeful, uplifting affirmations of the human spirit. On some songs, she takes on troubling social issues which we all face today. And occasionally, she can be downright hilarious! The total effect of hearing all these sides of her art in one performance is exhilarating. An Edie O’Hara show is one you won’t forget.

Dog Songs, Diner Songs, Break-up Songs, Cryin' Songs, Lyin' Songs, Lovin' Songs, Laughin' Songs, Livin' Songs, Eatin' Songs, Drinkin' Songs, Thinkin' Songs, Believin' Songs, Forgivin' Songs, Sad Songs, Happy Songs, Cowboy Songs & Sing-a-Longs!

Living in the Bay Area for over 5 years, Ol’ Bum regularly turns up at Open Mics in the area and surprises audiences with a unique sound and original songs that are often humorous and occasionally poignant. Bum now plays with back-up by The Tune Wranglers; Marc Theobald on fiddle and harmonica and Ken Sailors on electric bass.

Mr. Bum Wagler comes from the heart and soul of all the little buckaroos that wanted to grow up and be Roy Rogers. Took 50 years from that first dream to steppin’ out on the stage in cowboy boots and Skully shirt, but it was worth the wait. All those years of livin’ go into each and every one of Ol’ Bum’s tunes, infusin’ them with laughter and tears, tellin’ stories that are unique, yet in a way, belong to everyone.

Mr. Bum Wagler believes that life should be full of passion, and mostly happy, and that if you can’t laugh at yourself, then there ain’t much funny in the world. And if you can laugh, and cry and hoot and holler, well then...ain’t that what bein’ alive’s all about?

$10.00 - $15.00


$10 before and $15 day of show online and at the door.

Private Parlor Shows are open to all friends and fans of The Lost Church and the performers.

Seating is first come, first served. We recommend you buy in advance to ensure being a part of the event (parlor shows often sell out), but you can also try purchasing at the door on the night of the show.

Online sales are active until 9:30pm the night of show (unless sold out). You can purchase tickets right at the door using a card via your phone and the above Ticketfly.com link. Old-fashioned cash is also accepted.

Ages 12 and over are welcome. (Parental discretion is advised for some events).

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