FaceMan's Parade Of Lights w/ Tivoli Club Brass Band and Anthony Ruptak and his Midnight Friends

FaceMan is a rock trio from Denver. Steve Faceman, guitar/vocals; David Thomas Bailey, 7 String Guitar; Dean Hirschfield drums

Tivoli Club Brass Band

It's like a little bit o' green chile on yo boudin.

My Brother's Bar Meets Cooter Brown's. So, like, My Brother Cooter Brown's Bar.

Rebirth Brass Band, FaceMan, Hot 8 Brass, Dendrites, Cool Bone, Judge Roughneck, Lucky Chops, Money Plays 8, Filthy Children, No BS!, Alpha Schoolmarm Orchestra, Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Mlima, Lost Dog Ensemble, Oxycodone
Obligatory: Miles Davis and the Beatles.

Anthony Ruptak and his Midnight Friends

Anthony Ruptak was born and raised in the small town of Bailey, Colorado. He was homeschooled and is and a self taught musician. A poetic conveyor of raw emotion wrapped in melodies ranging from chaotically passionate to melancholy and heart-wrenching, he writes with equal shares of heart and mind.

"Anthony Ruptak sings with an urgency and passion that demands no less than your full attention. Some people sing from the heart, but Anthony sings from his soul – which, as the lyrics in one of his songs mention, is an old soul for such a young man." ~ Matthew Vermillion - Con/Text

"Anthony's music is a bit like this: like a conversation in the rain. Sometimes he has to shout because water can be loud. Other times, he has me under his pen, under the phrases and stories he has carried with him like he hasn't any other belongings but these words and journals. And stories – they're like tales dripping from his beard. His songs take place in real places. In this world we all know." ~ J. Bitz - The Denver Syntax

$10.00 - $23.00


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