Whether it was moving to New York from London at 18 years old without having ever lived inthe States before; starting and running my own record label (Neon Gold) out my collegedorm room at 19; throwing monthly punk nights (Fuzz) in NYC out of a dive karaoke bar inchinatown when I was 21; or starting a band (MS MR) at 22 having never written a song orperformed live before in my life - I've always leapt without question.Passion and instinct are my guiding forces, especially when it comes to the music I love andthe music I make. There’s a blurred line between naiveté and bravery mixed with a healthydose of ego, and I’ve always straddled it. I can’t help but continue to hurl myself head firstinto the deep end, relying on my gut and perseverance in the face of gambles and risks. Sohere I am, once again, taking myself to the diving board, ready to do something different.Separate from MS MR and Neon Gold - having dedicated 9 years of my life to both so far - Iwanted and needed to get outside of my comfort zone, to write music and create a worldthat was entirely my own. LPX is a different but equally important extension of myself, adirect result of the bands and artists on which I was raised.I was formed in the wake of honest, loud, and wild women like Karen O, Kathleen Hanna andPJ Harvey. And took every opportunity to catch shows in London and New York, even if itmeant sneaking in underage, to see bands like TV on the Radio, Tom Vek, Bloc Party andThe Strokes. I still feed off the high and energy I get from listening to my favorite bands andthey're a driving force behind LPX.I'm here to assert myself - harder, louder, and stronger - as a woman and an artist. A force tobe reckoned with, wrapped in amplified distortion, emotion and chaos.I want to make music that RIPS through your speakers and shakes you to your core, the kindof music that gets into your blood and truly makes you FEEL.This is me. This is mine. Self imagined. Self made. Self realized. Self funded. Self released. Iam LPX. Hear me roar, more raw and aggressive than ever before.

Glass Gang's singles have been featured on Zane Lowe, Complex, The Fader, XLR8R, NME, Dazed, i-D, BBC Radio 1, Vice and more.

BEAU is composed of Heather Golden (vocals) and Emma Rose (chorus and guitar), two native New Yorkers who came together to create music that they consider as the soundtrack of life.

Heather and Emma first started covering classics such as «Be My Baby » from the Ronettes before writing their own songs. They are very productive, such as many artists from their neighbourhood in Brooklyn (both girls come from New York based artistic families), they never go out without a notebook and take every occasion they have to jump on stage.

The band takes its inspirations from artists they grew up with, from The Smiths to Mazzy Star, Nick Cave or Blondie but mix them successfully with a fresh sound and poetical lyrics deeply rooted in 2014. They are all made of noisy vibrations feeding emotional desperation and always pumping to the rhythm of the heart. BEAÛ is bringing organic touch to modern music, at the crossroads between pop and americana, New York and London, the 60’s and the 90’s. Kind of timeless.

They chose Kitsuné AMERICA 3 to put up their first song ‘Karma’ but it’s surely not the last considering their appetite in taking over the world.

As they say "Let the river flow, but know which way it's headed".



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